How To Use Empire state In A Sentence

  • The Empire State Building is a familiar landmark on the New York skyline.
  • I can't imagine they could ever feel as sardined as the Empire State Building's platforms.
  • They might hire a building manager to coordinate, as does the Empire State Building.
  • There was the Manhattan skyline, stretched out like a diorama, from the World Trade Center's towers to Riverside Church, with the timeless futurism of the spires of the Empire State Building and the Chrysler Building crowning midtown.
  • The Empire State Building is a famous landmark on the New York skyline.
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  • Conceived during the roaring twenties, an era of jivey speculation and easy money similar to our last twenty years, the Empire State Building was built during the Great Depression. Death, with Compound Interest
  • Standing at 1472 feet, and with 2.8 million square feet of leasable office space, the Empire State Building currently consumes the energy equivalent of 40,000 single-family homes. Rep. Carolyn Maloney: The Empire State Building: A Beacon for Energy Efficiency
  • If your first thought on seeing one-of-a-kind lamps is "Interesting, but is it so amateurishly wired it will conflagrate, setting my home afire, destroying all my belongings, including my irreplaceable collection of back issues of the New York Times Home section?" then your fears will be assuaged by the knowledge that a creator of these particular lamps, Tom Blake, left, is a licensed New York City electrician who has worked on the Chrysler and Empire State Buildings. - News
  • Empire State presents a stark black silhouette of the famous landmark against a featureless white sky with an ominous black cloud or shadow impinging.
  • The huge gorilla scared audiences when he climbed the Empire State Building.
  • Just as the Empire State Building contains hundreds of companies, so could all our big school buildings contain many schools.
  • The only downer was the visibility (not great) and the fact that there was no north-facing view, ie up towards the Empire State building, Midtown and so on.
  • On top of this, he also breaks his promise of no contact after Terry misses her date at the Empire State Building.
  • In addition to my overuse of hyphenated phrases, this reminds me of the Empire State Building's own mini-me, aka the RJ Reynolds headquarters in Winston-Salem, NC.
  • To most people, the Empire State Building is the defining landmark of New York City.
  • The armature was the base for a 56cm (22in) model of the gorilla used in the film's climax at the top of the Empire State Building in New York. Home
  • The Empire State Building, with a zeppelin docking, as imagined in Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow. Boing Boing: March 6, 2005 - March 12, 2005 Archives
  • They were en route to the Empire State Building clutching their hangovers. LOOKING FOR ANDREW MCCARTHY
  • I think the best chain tensioner for the Empire State Courier is the Fuck Nut Hugger, which is probably on sale at Nashbar. BSNYC Product Review: Scattante Empire State Courier
  • You could have the doctor that delivered Obama in Hawaii stand with Obama's birth certificate on top of the Empire State Building and the wingnuts would not believe it, or find another reason (besides already ingrown racism) to dislike Obama .... Arizona lawmakers still pushing 'birther' measure
  • I marched in the Cadets in 1975 ... mellophone ... and as one of the drum majors in the Empire State Express in '78. Maynard Ferguson: 1928 - 2006
  • Back at street level, I slaked my thirst at the Heartland Brewery bar on 5th Avenue, next to the Empire State.
  • The Colorado River is our great resource and unless we conserve it and get the maximum benefit from it, we can depend upon becoming a sort of vermiform appendix to Los Angeles, instead of becoming one of the great empire states of this nation. Colossus
  • A single skywritten letter is 2,400 feet 731 m tall—as high as two Empire State Buildings stacked on top of each other! How To Buy & Sell just about Everything
  • If you are in New York, you really have to do the Empire State Building!
  • They might hire a building manager to coordinate, as does the Empire State Building.
  • In fact, similar structures have effectively put a stop to suicide jumps off the Eiffel Tower and the Empire State Building.
  • A : Wow , this is the famous Empire State Building.
  • Not so fast freeloaders … the promotion is an invite only friends and family thing, which they have opened up to the tenants of the Empire State Building. Hold the Presses: New Empire State Building Starbucks Only Giving Away Free Stuff to Tenants | Midtown Lunch - Finding Lunch in the Food Wasteland of NYC's Midtown Manhattan
  • But the Nanny of the Month goes to the Empire State politician who wants to ban salt from New York restaurants and dole out $1,000 fines to any rogue chefs who dare to sneak a sprinkle of the white stuff on their meals. Run
  • I knew this as I turned on the morning news to see a shot of the Empire State Building in the foreground and the World Trade Center with black smoke billowing from the North Tower. Remember, always « Adventures in Juggling
  • ‘The Empire State Building is making a concerted effort to reclaim some of its past glory,’ said David Hoffman, executive managing director of Colliers.
  • A digital audio player walks tourists through exhibit spaces such as Alcatraz, the Empire State Building, and the Tower of London.
  • The Empire State Building on New York's Manhattan Island is an architectural icon.
  • Centered in the distance amid a vast panorama, the Empire State Building rises into the pink haze that settles over it; a washy band of pale blue floats above.
  • Crist tell that maggot to take a flying leep off the highest empire state building. NRSC to ask for Crist donation back
  • Dr. Meg Benke, dean of Empire State's Center for Distance Learning, sees opportunities for blended learning that allows students to work online and on site, like short-term residencies that connect students 'online learning with on-the-ground experiences. LinuxInsider
  • However, Top of the Rock does have a rather good view of a certain imposing art-deco edifice: the Empire State Building.
  • Hey, you can see the Empire State Building from here.
  • Jon Levy/AFP/Getty Images Policemen rushed to control pedestrians around the Empire State Building after a Palestinian gunman went on a shooting rampage on the 86th floor observation deck on Feb. 23, 1997, killing one sightseer and wounding six others before killing himself. Empire State Building Owner Files for IPO
  • The Empire State Building is a familiar landmark on the New York skyline.
  • The original buildings were demolished in 1929 to make way for the Empire State Building, and were replaced with a 2,200-room, 42-storey art-deco monolith.
  • Getty Images A sightseer made a home movie as others enjoyed the view from the top of the Empire State Building in 1952. Empire State Building Owner Files for IPO
  • The Empire State Building is a familiar landmark on the New York skyline.
  • Outside, mist and drizzle envelop neighboring skyscrapers, and in conversational pauses I can't help but flash on images of King Kong dragging whatshername to the top of the Empire State Building.
  • The title stayed in Europe only a little while longer until it moved to America as industrialists challenged each other in the 20th century with the Chrysler Building, the Empire State Building and then the Willis (Sears) Tower. Howard Steven Friedman: World's Tallest Building Back Home in the Middle East...Forever?
  • Unidentified Man #4: On a foggy Saturday morning, five blocks north of the Empire State Building, James E. Ager (ph) was dictating into his sound-scriber machine a letter to Dean Crawford (ph) of the University of Michigan. The Day A Bomber Hit The Empire State Building
  • This was unusual: a concave-sided pyramid roof supporting a high flèche rising above a Perpendicular gothic square tower to create a profile curiously reminiscent of the Empire State Building.
  • Neither of those buildings could be described as traditional - the Empire State Building awes you with its mass, not its subtle detail.
  • The Empire State Building is a famous landmark on the New York skyline.

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