1. the reflex act of ejecting the contents of the stomach through the mouth
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How To Use emesis In A Sentence

  • But amongst this chaos, Stewart has beamed down to promote Star Trek: Nemesis, the 10th instalment of the feature film series.
  • Eighteen years and 110 Tests later he bowed out, with Nemesis unable to resist shaking her fist at him.
  • I offered coffee to anyone who came in the office, including my nemesis, Mr. Coffee Man.
  • In the special, Snow Miser controlled cold weather all over Earth; his archnemesis is his step brother, Heat Miser. WN.com - Articles related to Don't fry in the sun
  • Therefore, in the case of acute overdose, gastric lavage or induced emesis should be utilized to remove unabsorbed lithium.
  • I have suffered from hyperemesis gravidarum (extreme sickness) twice. Times, Sunday Times
  • I grandthinked after his obras after another time about the itch in his egondoom he was legging boldylugged from some pulversporochs and lyoking for a stool-eazy for to nemesisplotsch allafranka and for to salubrate himself with an ultradungs heavenly mass at his base by a suprime pomp-ship chorams the perished popes, the reverend and allaverred cromlecks, and when I heard his lewdbrogue reciping his cheap cheateary gospeds to sintry and santry and sentry and suntry I thought he was only haftara having afterhis brokeforths but be the homely Churopodvas I no sooner seen aghist of his frighte-ousness then I was bibbering with vear a few versets off fooling for fjorg for my fifth foot. Finnegans Wake
  • Lothersdale ‘C’ went double nap at home to Ilkley Road ‘B’ to leave them just one point behind Nemesis.
  • Many of Jay Ward's characters and catchphrases have since morphed into pop-culture shorthand: Dudley Do-Right, the clueless Mountie, is shorthand for anybody who stumbles into a situation overconfident he's doing the right thing; Snidely Whiplash, Do-Right's nemesis, for a scenery-chewing villain; the "Waybac" Machine, Mr. Peabody's time-travel system, for a nostalgia flashback; as well as expressions such as "nothing up my sleeve ... presto!" and JSOnline.com
  • Ironically, when the teeth of the plot sink in, the introduction of the supernatural nemesis, Ghost Machine begins to lag.
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