[ UK /ɪmˈɜːd‍ʒ/ ]
[ US /ˈimɝdʒ, ɪˈmɝdʒ/ ]
  1. happen or occur as a result of something
  2. become known or apparent
    Some nice results emerged from the study
  3. come up to the surface of or rise
    He felt new emotions emerge
  4. come out of
    Water issued from the hole in the wall
    The words seemed to come out by themselves
  5. come out into view, as from concealment
    Suddenly, the proprietor emerged from his office
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How To Use emerge In A Sentence

  • Because wheat emerges so quickly, weeds must be killed before drilling using tillage or contact herbicides.
  • It also emerged on Tuesday that actress Sienna Miller had obtained a court ruling ordering phone operator Vodafone to disclose data relating to other users - so-called third party disclosure.
  • A week-long state of emergency was declared, and the protests were forcibly suppressed with considerable loss of life.
  • Non-emergency surgery planned over the next few days had to be cancelled because of the blood donor crisis.
  • When faced with serious disasters, countries often declare a formal state of emergency.
  • I doubt that Michelle Obama was surprised or dismayed by the boos at the Nascar rally: it's not surprising that the national doubtfulness about first ladies and the strong, accomplished women who are coming to hold the role would emerge in boos from some of the Obama administration's fiercest opponents. Michelle Obama's Nascar boos | Kay Dilday
  • Yes, the gearbox was a bit saggy and I was alarmed at how much pressure the brake pedal needed to do an emergency stop, but other than this, all was well.
  • An orbiting satellite picked up a distress signal from the ship's emergency beacon, standard equipment on all modern boats.
  • What did they endure along the way and how did they emerge from the experience? Times, Sunday Times
  • Huge plantations of tea, coffee, and cardamom have emerged and taken over what was once prime elephant habitat.
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