How To Use Embracement In A Sentence

  • The Chinese ideology of living is not in a city, but to live in the embracement of delicate natural landscape, with deepest mountain views and water flows (Shan Shui).
  • Those who turn a blind eye to her embracement of lobbyists and special interests are the same good ole guys/gals that would defend her habitual lying. NY Times slams Clinton's 'negativity'
  • In order to promote the embracement of new ideas, strategies, and techniques we need to collaboratively work with staff to transform traditional classroom environments into vibrant learning communities where all students are authentically engaged. Eric Sheninger: An Open Letter to School Leaders
  • We tossed and turned, followed by long embracement like we've been longing for each other throughout our whole lives.
  • Perry, Arpaio …. .you get the picture, for being traitors to the American experience and embracement of diversity! Think Progress » Did Palin write the answers to Tea Party Convention questions on her hand?
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  • Personal embracement of luxury is now back to pre-recession 2007 levels, Taylor says. For the wealthy, a return to luxury spending
  • At least the fact that I'm quite stupid means I have an apathetic embracement of failure that is unlikely to ever lead me to self-harm.
  • After about 20 minutes of embracement, I sat up and pulled myself away.
  • How about the fact that it's also oftentimes selection of music that music fans and just isn't offered by any of the RIAA's so-called "embracement" projects or partnerships?
  • Until those in Washington turn away from the fraudulent system we have in place due to the universal embracement of keynesian economics it will only continue to get worse. Gregg defends GOP opposition, says Dems moving too far left
  • In public, Egypt has characterized these overtures with Iran as moves toward normalization, and not toward embracement. Egypt and Iran Thaw Once Frosty Relations
  • 4 Where that false couple were full closely ment full > very, exceedingly ment > joined; united sexually (pa.ppl. of "meng") 5 In wanton lust and lewd embracement: embracement > embrace, embraces; willing acceptance, _hence: _ eagerness The Faerie Queene — Volume 01
  • When making this decision, DCYD considered (1) the degree to which the candidate sees an opportunity to work with DCYD moving forward; (2) the candidate's platform, especially as it relates to improving DC's education system, embracement of diverse groups and lifestyles, employment opportunities for residents, affordable housing availability, and public safety; (3) the candidate's experience; and (4) the candidate's viability in a city-wide election. DeMorning DeBonis: Dec. 21, 2010
  • One of the major deficiencies of Dutch democracy — and of most other European democracies — is the absence of the full embracement of the principle of free speech, under any circumstance and whatever its consequences. Matthew Yglesias » The American Way
  • He moved forward to her vulnerable neck, she closed her eyes in embracement for the undoubtedly pain to come.
  • I end with a quotation from a text which advocates both embracement and eventual abandonment, attachment and detachment from text.
  • After a long, rather painful embracement Sara pulled back.

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