How To Use Embezzled In A Sentence

  • The visitors give the Sisterhood seven a blank check from their own pockets to find two billion dollars targeted for poor countries apparently embezzled from the World Bank. Fast Track-Fern Michaels « The Merry Genre Go Round Reviews
  • DeRusha made the charges after he allegedly embezzled up to $ 619, 000 from the Flynn committee.
  • Paige speculates that Philip could have embezzled the money and forged documents to implicate Gail and throw authorities off of his trail.
  • Five thousand dollars was embezzled from a Los Angeles theatre and dissipated in high living by a man twenty-one years old. Humanizing the Prisons
  • To hide the bills from her family, she embezzled US $241,061 from the company over three years by padding her expense account, authorities said.
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  • Confusion, dirt, pandemoniac noise, long delay, and over all a blistering sun, were ill suited to bring peace to the embezzled seeker after pleasure. The Atlantic Monthly, Volume 14, No. 85, November, 1864
  • They've embezzled money from a company - I had one example of a gentleman who didn't want his wife to know that he was going to a massage parlour every Friday.
  • Such-and-such petrifaction: I am the employee of this company, corruption of our industry leader is serious, informal cadre of level of a family, estimation can be embezzled 1 million.
  • Soong has said he never embezzled money, and his campaign has argued that Lien has much in common with Marcos, because both married beauty queens.
  • There was, in reality, a person of the name of Chotard; but he was a man ruined by debts and debauchery; a fraudulent bankrupt who embezzled forty thousand crowns from the tax office of the farmers-general in which he held a situation, and who is not likely to have given up a hundred thousand crowns to the grandmother of the doctor in laws. A Philosophical Dictionary
  • LIUNA's "in-house prosecutor," Robert Luskin, questioned whether Burris had enough background in unions to to know where to look for evidence of corruption, such as embezzled pensions, or kickback deals with contractors. Newsalert
  • The accountant embezzled thousands of dollars while working for the wealthy family
  • embezzled" UN money intended to fund the negotiations that began in July 2006 in a bid to resolve nearly 20 years of brutal war in northern Uganda. ANC Daily News Briefing
  • It is a thing worthy of complaint when public charities, designed for the relief of the poor, are embezzled and depredated by the rich, and turned to the support of luxury and pride. From London to Land's End
  • Now a day was incomplete without its disclosure about this or that bishop or prester or whatnot having fa'thered a child on his sister, having poisoned his pre'decessor, or having embezzled a fortune to buy his male mistress a forty-eight-room cabin in the country. Cold Copper Tears
  • Separately, Indonesian lawmakers called for penalties against Citigroup after a hearing this month that examined allegations that a Citi employee embezzled millions of dollars from customers. In Indonesia, Citi on Hot Seat
  • One former director embezzled $34 million in company funds.
  • SGA in embezzlement scandal p2p news/p2pnet: - One and a quarter million dollars in songwriter royalties have been allegedly embezzled from the Songwriters Guild of America by its royalty manager, Marsha Aiken, and family members. SGA in embezzlement scandal
  • The court determined that Jorgensen was the main person responsible for the fund, which profited from 18 million kroner in embezzled funds and 22 million more in untaxed income. Spokesman for controversial organisation Tvind convicted of fraud
  • The charge sheet reveals that Mr Milosevic and his fellow conspirators allegedly embezzled $ 400m in state funds.
  • Instead he is unable to clear up suspicions that he embezzled funds and wired large sums of money to the US.
  • the banker absconded with embezzled funds
  • Authorities, like Rudy Penner, head of the CBO, who said spending exploded in 1998 because of the surplus (which was all SS then) and Moynihan, who knew both SS and government spending first-hand, and said Congress "embezzled" the SS surplus to spend it as free money. Social Security Transition Cost, Arnold Kling | EconLog | Library of Economics and Liberty
  • During the late troubles, the treasures of the state, and even the furniture of the palace, had been alienated or embezzled; the royal banquet was served in pewter or earthenware; and such was the proud poverty of the times, that the absence of gold and jewels was supplied by the paltry artifices of glass and gilt-leather. The History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire
  • A trusted churchwarden who embezzled nearly £30,000 from a charity was able to lie and cover his tracks for seven years, a long-awaited report has revealed.
  • Who knows if they have embezzled money from that cause, as they seem to have been on a trail of descent, corruption, murder and more… serious questions should be asked!
  • Remember, gov Palin had to pay back money that she embezzled from the state of Alaska. Republicans react to Palin news
  • She embezzled thousands of dollars from the charity.
  • One former director embezzled $34 million in company funds.
  • One former director embezzled $34 million in company funds.
  • The clerk embezzled a thousand pounds from the bank where he worked.
  • The head of the branch bank embezzled ten thousand dollars from the bank where he worked.
  • Peron represented himself as a leader for the common people, however his administration embezzled funds stole from the workers.
  • News broke on Tuesday that Catalyst Game Labs, publisher of Shadowrun, Eclipse Phase, Cthulhutech, and Battletech, is in severe trouble to the tune of $850,000 being embezzled from their corporate coffers. Shadowrun Problems; Great PR Though « Geek Related
  • When I first raised the issue of deferred sentences, it was about a woman who had embezzled money from her employer.
  • The head of the branch bank embezzled ten thousand dollars from the bank where he worked.
  • Duvalier's allegedly embezzled funds and is designed to make it easier for Swiss authorities to return illegally obtained funds to their country of origin.
  • The clerk embezzled a thousand pounds from the bank where he worked.
  • The banker absconded with embezzled funds.
  • The treasurer embezzled 2000 of the club's money.

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