How To Use Emasculated In A Sentence

  • Some have argued that the upshot of this is the emasculated man, unable to assert himself in his relationship, and also of the frazzled, controlling matriarch, who feels under pressure and under-appreciated.
  • Is it because he feels emasculated by the sweet pink colour of his collar?
  • ‘I felt angry, cuckolded, emasculated,’ he said.
  • Some men feel emasculated if they work for a woman.
  • Sandler plays his usual emasculated man-boy, this time as an unassertive executive assistant named Dave Buznik.
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  • For a while, it looks like the perfect match, until he becomes emasculated by her drive.
  • Because they had no recognized authority over their children, and could not control access to the bodies and labor of their wives, slave men were emasculated.
  • The fruits produced by these partially emasculated flowers were single follicles and contained relatively few seeds.
  • Years of psychological terrorisation have rendered them utterly incapable of deceit, and they gradually spend their existence in isolation, in garden sheds, fishing boats or in the company of other emasculated men.
  • If the woman makes more money, has a better position, and is better educated, he will feel emasculated.
  • And Andrea Yates' pastor could have told us that any man emasculated by job loss and a demanding spouse would stray from his marriage bed.
  • On each individual, three flowers were emasculated before anthesis and isolated using silk bags, while the fourth was taken as the pollen donor.
  • In the '80s, working-class males were perceived as being emasculated by the way all their old jobs had shifted, the mines and steelworks and all that being shut down.
  • Similarly in the international arena, an emasculated politics is incapable of sustaining an effective national defense.
  • But with emasculated regulators, inhibited competition and inflated wages in the service industry, Irish consumers cannot bet on prices falling on the basis of a strong euro.
  • This put-upon male is continually emasculated by all of the females in his life.
  • Apparently, the Malaysian Man feels totally emasculated when the woman pays on a date.
  • Hank’s irritability, his reaction to my using the word emasculated … Things were beginning to make a lot more sense. The Darkest Edge of Dawn
  • The potential muggers and robbers, emasculated by being deprived of the macho symbol, which they have used as a substitute for courage, will be less active or less violent in their actions.
  • His suicide suggests he can't live with the fact that a truer strain of crime exists, one that has emasculated him both by violating him and making him feel frivolous in his chosen profession.
  • Tosh was known to be a man who feared no-one, yet he was clearly emasculated by his girlfriend.
  • Meanwhile, Section 25 remained unrepealed but entirely emasculated, he submitted.
  • “Commons will be 'emasculated' by expenses proposals, says Philip Mawer: The House of Commons risks being "emasculated" by the Government's proposed clean-up following the expenses scandal, the former parliamentary standards watchdog has warned” Bottler Brown bottles again. No election this year
  • In his closing argument, Assistant State's Attorney Jonathon Church said Rodriguez felt "emasculated" and "disrespected" when Osorio said he would beat him if he harmed his daughter. Man guilty of killing over 'disrespect'
  • With the Council emasculated, enforcement of policy was left to individual ministers and departments without co-ordination.
  • Presumably it plugs him into some primitive elemental level of existence where he's not emasculated.
  • Emasculated plants produced 1.3 times the number of seeds produced by plants experiencing natural self-pollination.
  • The toxic domino effect took down the economy 70 years ago has come back with a vengeance, with the aid of greedy speculators, oft finically illiterate homeowners and investors and an industry-friendly, emasculated regulatory system. Is SEC ideology or structure at the root of the regulation fiasco?
  • The double bind of colonialism required that he go to London in order to become a man - to make enough money to marry his sweetheart - yet London has emasculated him and made him inarticulate.
  • The bill has been emasculated by Congress.
  • Similarly in the international arena(Sentencedict), an emasculated politics is incapable of sustaining an effective national defense.
  • Tosh was known to be a man who feared no-one, yet he was clearly emasculated by his girlfriend.
  • Men had been undermined and emasculated to such an extent in a woman-dominated world that they would soon be little more than ‘sperm donors’, the article claimed.
  • They are all a bunch of emasculated cronies and yes-men.
  • In a contrasting version, Mars is besottedly enslaved to the woman's beauty, emasculated by her charm and no longer a great warrior. Shakespeare
  • He's clearly emasculated when he feels he has to sneak in a drink behind his wife's back, so in retaliation, he grows outwardly aggressive toward her.
  • Barton a super-woman -- or at least they were personalities so designated by the cub book-reviewers, flat-floor men and women, and scholastically emasculated critics, who from across the dreary levels of their living can descry no glorious humans over-topping their horizons. THE KANAKA SURF
  • Flowers were emasculated by removing the anther tube with fine forceps.
  • Comparing intact and emasculated flowers open on the same plant on the same day will underestimate autogamy, because emasculation of one flower potentially reduces the geitonogamous pollen received by the other.
  • Cross-pollinated flowers were not emasculated, and pollinations were performed by rubbing anthers onto stigmas.
  • Grigoriadis' choice of the word emasculated rubs me the wrong way up one side and down the other, for reasons I'm going to assume I've made evident in no fewer than a nonillion posts about defining strength, power, etc. in contradistinction to the feminine. Prove Your Manhood With Veiled Rape Threats
  • Day-old flowers emasculated in the greenhouse experiment occasionally produced a fruit, indicating that the germination of self-pollen begins the day a flower opens.
  • The Second Republic was progressively emasculated as the old monarchist élites reasserted control at central and local level.
  • Though Romeo shows this tendency, the only tragic hero who approaches Hamlet here is Richard II., who indeed in several ways recalls the emasculated Hamlet of some critics, and may, like the real Hamlet, have owed his existence in part to Shakespearean Tragedy Lectures on Hamlet, Othello, King Lear, Macbeth
  • It is possible to outcross if the plant is emasculated which can only be done by chemical treatment.
  • Since Japan's defeat, the military has remained largely emasculated.
  • Tancredo has supported the privatization of Social Security, and lamented that Supreme Court decisions like Roe v. Wade have "emasculated" us. Michele Swenson: Tancredo Candidacy a Symptom of Degraded Politics, the Race to the Right and to the Bottom
  • What is so curious is that emasculated men are now the norm rather than the exception.
  • Similarly in the international arena, an emasculated politics is incapable of sustaining an effective national defense.
  • The macho libero was emasculated and fell to the ground in the foetal position. Times, Sunday Times
  • For, be it known in advance, Lee Barton was a super-man and Ida Barton a super-woman -- or at least the were personalities so designated by the cub book reviewers, flat-floor men and women, and scholastically emasculated critics, who, from across the dreary levels of their living, can descry no glorious humans overtopping their horizons. “It was the Golden Fleece ready for the shearing.”
  • The Lord-High-Everything-Else wants an emasculated Scotland to be an expert in peacekeeping, reports The Scotsman: Arise Nobel Laureate Salmond!
  • Some men feel emasculated if they work for a woman.
  • A supposedly emancipated market is emasculated by a torrent of trade-distorting subsidies.
  • The Senate emasculated the law
  • Here, he has applied the treatment to Garrett and emasculated him in the process.
  • Anna has sullied my faith; she has emasculated me, rendered me --- literally --- impotent. LOVE YOU MADLY
  • Becoming emasculated and impotent isn't a pretty fate for a male frog, but thanks to a pesticide called atrazine, it could be a common one. ScienceBlogs Channel : Life Science
  • Norwood agrees men have been emasculated by female empowerment, but has no answers as to how that can be addressed.
  • While women become chaste and aloof, men are emasculated, unwilling to give expression to their physical desires.

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