How To Use Elvish In A Sentence

  • Olof Arnalds has one of the most distinctive voices around - only in part because she's from Iceland and usually warbles her folk-flavored tunes in her native Nordic tongue, a language often described as "elvish" think NPR Topics: News
  • She chose the pen name Uluithiel -- "unquenchable" in Elvish -- and posted her stories to Lord of the Rings slash archives on sites such as fanfiction. net, where she quickly discovered the joys of reader feedback. Chicago Reader
  • I'll just post it here, but be warned: this is elvish, treehugging drivel. Sairahiniel's Sermon
  • elvish tricks
  • He heard the other horses whinnying in fright and shouting, as well as swearing in Elvish coming from the men.
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  • Love thanks i’d really apprecieate it……my sister also uses my email so make sure you put who its from…..thanks so much alison on 29 Jan 2004 at 10:54 pm92Margaret can u plz write these words in tht elvish font? Rambles at » Blog Archive » Elvish fonts
  • Thorin gives Bilbo a coat of Elvish mail and a leather studded helmet.
  • A call for retreat issued from somewhere in Elvish, followed by a horn, a single ringing note that bellowed over the clash of weapons and roars of beasts.
  • My character at Omen is a woodelf priestess of the Goddess of Nature, and I had prepared a small elvish sermon this weekend, but with all the battles there was no time for it. Sairahiniel's Sermon
  • To make a Secondary World inside which the green sun will be credible, commanding Secondary Belief, will probably require labour and thought, and will certainly demand a special skill, a kind of elvish craft. Kicking the Hobbit
  • Hearing which the neat, shining, dimpling little Advocate turned his bright eyes from one to the other of us, and tapped his tortoise-shell snuffbox with a kind of elvish joy. The Dew of Their Youth
  • To be plaine, I am voyde of al judgement, if your nine Com{oe}dies, whereunto, in imitation of Herodotus, you give the names of the Nine Muses, and (in one man's fansie not unworthily), come not neerer Ariostoes Com{oe}dies, eyther for the finenesse of plausible elocution, or the rareness of poetical invention, than that Elvish queene doth to his Orlando Furioso, which notwithstanding, you will needes seem to emulate, and hope to overgo, as you flatly professed yourself in one of your last letters. A Biography of Edmund Spenser
  • but here the author restricts both the characters and the action only to the neighboring two elvish kingdoms, of which the unseelie one is mostly aerial since it resides in great part over the "Badlands". "The Office of Shadow" by Matthew Sturges (reviewed by Liviu Suciu)
  • I'll be honest: the most exciting thing about the film for me was that the climactic segment is set in a steampunk elvish subterranean vault under the Giant's Causeway. Linkspam for 10-6-2009
  • Hey…I was wondering if someone could please write my name Kari in elvish and then e-mail it to me. Rambles at » Blog Archive » Elvish fonts
  • The peculiar melody and profuse imagination which the pastoral disclosed at once placed its author in the forefront of living poets, but a far greater work was already in hand; and from some words of Gabriel Harvey's we see Spenser bent on rivalling Ariosto, and even hoping "to overgo" the "Orlando Furioso" in his "Elvish Queen. History of the English People, Volume V (of 8) Puritan England, 1603-1660
  • Seattle downtown- some kind of elvish creatures are climbing the building Galactic North
  • Rather, it is a final redaction of sources ranging from the Red Book of Westmarch, to Elvish Chronicles, to Gondorian records, to tales of Rohirrim which were only transcribed centuries later.

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