How To Use Elver In A Sentence

  • The Redstone was an Army rocket whose original prurpose was to delver nuclear warheads over meduim ranges. Doubts About Ares 1 Continue to Mount - NASA Watch
  • Measures are now being taken to decrease the impact of fisheries on A. rostrata populations in the United States, such as more closely regulating harvesting of glass eels and elvers.
  • By the time they have reached the elver stage, they have made their way, guided only by instinct, from the deep sea to the surface, and thence to the mouths of rivers; these they ascend in millions, and in their endeavour to get into fresh water, they have to overcome obstacles such as would deter most boys and girls. Chatterbox, 1906
  • Thanks to everyone who pointed out that an elver is a kind of eel. Happy Book Day to Paul Melko & Stephen Leigh
  • A pad could be used in class to take notes and to delver some lecture materials--keynote which use, music, and the internet. WhyPad?
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  • He was a miner, of course, for he was dressed in mine clothes, and was as begrimed as the sootiest delver of them all, but who was he? Derrick Sterling A Story of the Mines
  • The change of V F strongly suggests a South Western origin of the word elver. ELVER AND ALBUM.
  • Corporate leaders have come to Cancun to delver the unequivocal message that climate change is bad for business. Jonathan Wootliff: Climate Change Is Bad for Business
  • A top profiler and unmatched delver into the serial-killer mindset, she is terribly good at that thing where you hold the torch on top of your handgun when entering a dark apartment.
  • In Cambray's freshwater fish surveys he met many farmers who have seen the little elvers and the large eels in their rivers and thought that the eels bred in the rivers.
  • Again counting her steps, and putting blind faith in the good judgment of dwarven delvers, she sprinted another dozen paces, then stopped, turned to her right, and scur - ried forward. The Gates of Thorbardin
  • The elver may be fishy lucre to the hardy but for the rest of us it is easier to keep the day job. news, business, sport, the Daily Telegraph newspaper, Sunday Telegraph
  • It was in this tale that Elverda carved the mile-long asteroid she called The Rememberer and electronically painted The Virgin of the Andes across the ionospheric sky of North America. Ten Minutes, That's It
  • Shelver said while some court delays were understandable, others such as mislaid dockets were "purely errors". ANC Daily News Briefing
  • The "Twelver" Shi'a, Sunni, and Druze each have state-appointed clerical bodies to administer family and personal status law through their own religious courts, which are subsidised by the State.
  • If the water is clear enough, try fly fishing for them with any fly that imitates something small and silvery like an elver or sand eel or small fish.
  • CNN Jonathan Freed in Melvern, Kansas, met people unaccustomed to the publicity and this level of heartbreak.
  • Countries which used to buy mature eels from suppliers like Crowell are now buying elvers to raise and breed themselves.
  • The young elver, at least a year old, which makes its way from the open sea to the estuaries and rivers. The Outline of Science, Vol. 1 (of 4) A Plain Story Simply Told
  • The skin serious conveniently is octopoda on the bonduc of the jird, and is upward hospitably offending with the frequently shelver of the day. Rational Review
  • Since that initial outing to the world of Dereth, Turbine has brought out Dungeons & Dragons Online, the MMORPG version of the original pen and paper dungeon delver. Warner Bros sucks up Turbine : Chronicles Network: Science Fiction & Fantasy
  • Attacked by a monstrous little creature called a "delver", Cara is rescued by a shambling, manlike beast called "the Dimblethum. SFFaudio
  • A truly remarkable book thoroughly investigated and produced by arguably one the world's greatest delvers into the understanding of the ancient past.
  • MRS YELVERTON BARRY: _ (In lowcorsaged opal balldress and elbowlength ivory gloves, wearing a sabletrimmed brickquilted dolman, a comb of brilliants and panache of osprey in her hair) _ Arrest him, constable. Ulysses
  • The elver is the baby freshwater eel that is born in the Sargasso Sea south of Bermuda and drifts over to Europe on the Gulf Stream in the spring. news, business, sport, the Daily Telegraph newspaper, Sunday Telegraph
  • To his left he caught a quick glimpse of Mrs Melver, their irascible neighbour, peering at him over the fence.
  • The skin serious conveniently is octopoda on the bonduc of the jird, and is upward hospitably offending with the frequently shelver of the day. Rational Review
  • Fate was - in the past - supposed to be the supreme delver into the arcane and the mysterious energies of the universe.
  • There was a serious shortage of elvers in 1969, since when elvers of the European species have been imported from France.
  • The lineations show shallow easterly plunges in the north becoming steeper in the south of the Welverdiend shear zone.
  • And it is true that the "Whitebait of the West", as the elver is known locally, currently sells for £250 a kilogram. news, business, sport, the Daily Telegraph newspaper, Sunday Telegraph
  • They showed us a plant of the compositae order, twenty feet high (the Eupatorium laevigatum of Lamarck), the rose of Belveria, * celebrated for the brilliancy of its purple flowers, and the dragon’s-blood of this country, which is a kind of croton not yet described. Travels to the Equinoctial Regions of America
  • 1 Elver 'a young eel' is a variant of eelfare 'the passage of young eels up a river; a brood of young eels'; the first OED citation shows nicely the phonetic development: ELVER AND ALBUM.
  • Shortz, whose undemanding intellectual rigor -- An adult elver? May 2008
  • And the Arabs have once again been faced with an America unwilling or unable to delver. Stephen P. Cohen: America's Legacy in the Middle East: Lessons for Obama? Where Does Yemen Fit?

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