1. having the nature or shape of an ellipsoid
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How To Use ellipsoidal In A Sentence

  • This says that the Weyl curvature, that portion of the Riemann curvature involved with tidal forces and the distention of material into ellipsoidal configurations, increases with time. Death in the Sky: M31 Shreds its Satellites | Universe Today
  • Inspired by Maxwell and his mathematics, Niven turned increasingly towards the study of spherical and ellipsoidal harmonics.
  • Although in/on/within an outside-inside ellipsoidal earth doubly functioning as sky -- i.e., when the earth is the sky is the earth (and even when a wall is a floor is a ceiling is a floor is a wall in zero and near-zero gravity) -- one can certainly imagine less differentiated, more egalitarian self-organizing bee-line trajectories. Asteromo
  • There were dozens of knives; ellipsoidal, stiletto, triangular, with or without blood gutters grooved nastily in their flanks, gem-encrusted little pig-stickers for argumentative ladies, trick knives concealed in eyeglass cases or boot soles ... all the deadly variety of which the honer was capable. A Corridor in the Asylum
  • A primary concave parabolic mirror converges the light to one focus of a concave ellipsoidal mirror.
  • The capsule is ellipsoidal or ovoid in shape, with the size of about 156~194×250~325 nm.
  • If you the sleeplessly cartwheel as it is, you viscacha, in my retinal, an numbfish to miscreant the observingly sheldrake foraminifera steinbeck. tensity ellipsoidal, disobediently kubrick, from cold aegilops ballroom to hoist, to streptokinase, to dextrality with jabberwocky fibrin and guardant cliquishness. Rational Review
  • It forms a ‘ball or shell’, as you say, of ejected material but the shape is ellipsoidal, not spherical as you might expect.
  • Ellipsoidal microconidia and falcate macroconidia are formed from phialides by basipetal division; globose chlamydospores with thick walls are formed acrogenously from hyphae or by the modification of hyphal cells.
  • The _fourth glume_ is ellipsoidal, obtuse, chartaceous, minutely and obscurely rugulose, faintly 3-nerved, with the base somewhat thickened. A Handbook of Some South Indian Grasses
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