How To Use Electrostatic field In A Sentence

  • A non-conductor can be charged by induction by exposure to an electrostatic field that is present on a surface charged with static electricity.
  • Depict the influence on the plant cellular, caused by the added high electrostatic field, by the bimolecular lipid membranes, and deduce the micro principles.
  • The structure and morphology of syndiotactic polystyrene (sPS) melt crystallized in high vacuum electrostatic fields has been respectively investigated by using WAXD, DSC and SEM.
  • Preliminary findings with electrostatic fields, ionizing radiation, infrasonic waves, and meteorological factors are also examined to consider their effects on the brain in relation to apparitional experiences.
  • As an important part of the tribo electrostatic separator, the high-voltage electrostatic field plays a key role in the mineral and the material processing.
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  • Ther result shows that the mechanism is probably that the electrostatic field polarizes the catalase solution.
  • Electrostatic field promotes micro - crystal growth along electrostatic field so that the grain size is bigger.
  • Including electrostatic field, the negative electric field, the - frequency field, high frequency anions, such as - infrared.
  • These currents make it more difficult to use an electrostatic field to interrogate the system.
  • On the basis of biology, it deduces the relation between the high electrostatic field and the transmembrane voltage by the formula of nernst and the quantum tunneling effect.

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