How To Use Electronic computer In A Sentence

  • If we could build a fully functioning quantum computer, it would represent an advance on the traditional electronic computer as big as the electronic computer represents over the abacus.
  • All the knowledge and experiences should be available through fifth - generation electronic computer.
  • Rather, these sophisticated sentients start miniaturizing their technology, eventually uploading their minds into some sort of microelectronic computer, at which point colonizing star systems will seem as tempting as oxcart travel. Seth Shostak: Where Are the Aliens? Fermi Paradox Redux
  • This was to be the first large-scale electronic computer. Times, Sunday Times
  • The first electronic computers were a replacement for female computers. Times, Sunday Times
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  • Wonderful designs of electronic computers and radar units are conceivable.
  • John Atanasoff and Clifford Berry invent the first electronic computer at the University of Iowa.
  • Introduction Over the past few decades, electronic computer technology has made enormous strides.
  • They had several original Enigma machines, and the better part of a rebuild of Colossus, the first ever electronic computer.
  • Electronic computers are today machines based on binary arithmetic but this was not so for the ENIAC computer.

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