How To Use Electric eel In A Sentence

  • Oroonoko is a champion hunter who kills two tigers singlehandedly in addition to managing to hold onto a fishing rod even when an electric eel knocks him unconscious.
  • Electric eels range from gray to brownish-black in color with some yellowish coloration on the anterior ventral portion of the body.
  • The circuitry was composed of electric eels, and there were colorful fish and liquid poisons and numerous examples of evil.
  • The electric eel , for example, is a freshwater predator that can produce a large electric field around its body, strong enough to stun prey and ward off enemies.
  • Electric eels are not really eels, they are actually ostariophysians, but have a strong physical resemblance to true eels.
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  • The most famous is the electric eel, which a colleague of Markham's termed "a frog with a cattle prod attached," but most animals use the electrical signals in more subtle ways.
  • If nevertheless this theory should ever become established, a stimulus must be called an eductor of vital ether; which stimulus may consist of sensation or volition, as in the electric eel, as well as in the appulses of external bodies; and by drawing off the charges of vital fluid may occasion the contraction or motions of the muscular fibres, and organs of sense. Zoonomia, Vol. I Or, the Laws of Organic Life
  • But although the tree in the lobby may appear traditional in shape and trimmings, the electricity that powers its lights is coming from a very unconventional source: an electric eel.
  • Another famous example is the electric eel. This Fish gives an even more powerful shock.
  • He drew himself up, his righteousness rippling now like an electric eel. Times, Sunday Times
  • I’m trying to stay very optimistic and excited about the whole thing, but deep down I know that I’m going down in a blaze of gunfire, in a handbasket, that is on fire, and filled with electric eels, in the midst of a meteor shower, surrounded by my mother’s nagging voice, only to end it all by being impaled on a wrought iron fence. whitehelmet Diary Entry
  • The circuitry was composed of electric eels, and there were colorful fish and liquid poisons and numerous examples of evil.
  • The capacity to generate electricity has been taken even farther by one fish in the Amazon, the electric eel.
  • Acaleph, coral, actinia , electric eel, seaweed, shark, whale, seal...
  • Electric eels are capable of producing a shockof up to 500 volts and 1 ampere of current (500 watts). Just Shocking!
  • Since glow-worms, fireflies, electric eels and many fish exhibit a similar phenomenon, the statement is not unrealistic.
  • The scientists began with the question of whether an artificial version of the electrocyte - the energy-generating cells in electric eels - could be designed as a potential power source. Medlogs - Recent stories
  • Most adult electric eels will feed on smaller fish, while juveniles will prey mainly on smaller invertebrates.
  • Nearby in the Graham Amazon gallery visitors can gaze at 7 foot arapaimas, catfish the size of bulldogs, beautiful tiger stingrays, giant anacondas, electric eels, two toed sloths and creepy piranhas.

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