How To Use Electoral system In A Sentence

  • The electoral system is creaking and badly in need of change.
  • a uninominal electoral system
  • The Scottish electoral system relies on an intricate formula combining first-past-the-post and alternative voting to ensure that results like this should never happen. Alex Salmond can do no wrong after biggest victory margin in Scottish political history
  • Who will reform Britain's unfair electoral system?
  • Inevitably, that is going to happen from time to time and there is no electoral system which can - or should be able to - stop the electorate giving any party a caning if that is what they want to do.
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  • This is purely accidental, of course, and doesn't mean that the U.S. electoral system is any better mostly because it's essentially the *same system*, but Canada has "a lot of work to do" on the electoral system as well as on the things you point out. Degrees
  • He claims that their electoral system ensures fair representation of all parties.
  • The president promised to abolish emergency laws and create an electoral system where all parties have a chance to participate.
  • He also said a two-vote electoral system should also be adopted and that electoral precincts should be rezoned into smaller ones.
  • don't spend time reading much other than newspaper, book club selection of the month and GOBS and GOBS ofheavy depressing emails about the state of our world (and ofcourse aboutour fleeting democracy andour long-lost decent electoral system). so thanks for the female insights and for the normalcy! (Almost) Everything I know I Picked Up at the Pool
  • Here I propose to confine my discussion to the contemporary debate surrounding the electoral system as an electoral system.
  • The complicated electoral system effectively guarantees the president's re-election.
  • And the electoral system, where supporters have as much say as members, has led to possible entryism. Times, Sunday Times
  • Indeed, I am gratified that he condescended to address one of three seminal questions which I directed in response to his treatise on electoral systems and good governance.
  • The exclusion of such parties from our electoral system undermines our claim to political pluralism.
  • These so called correlative constitutional rights include the right to a maximally safeguarded electoral system that provides the greatest protection against even the opportunity for tampering and the right to know that one's vote was fairly counted as cast. Overview: Why New York's Legislature's Plan to Computerize Our Electoral System Is Unconstitutional
  • After compromise agreements on these issues were reached -- having the Interim Parliament declare Nepal a republic but letting the CA implement the measure, and adoption of a mixed electoral system, the constitution was amended again and the Maoist ministers were reinducted on December 31, 2007. Undefined
  • Second, I welcome confirmation of the serious inadequacies of the existing electoral system.
  • STV is a viable answer to the electoral system riddle and they were right to declare against directly elected provosts.
  • New Zealand's electoral system, a form of proportional representation, is a key difference.
  • Winner-take-all electoral systems and adversary politics result in truth being irrelevant.
  • Here I propose to confine my discussion to the contemporary debate surrounding the electoral system as an electoral system.
  • There cannot be true democracy without reform of the electoral system.
  • The wealthy president of a Brazilian university is bankrolling an initiative to end Colorado's winner-take-all presidential electoral system.
  • An electoral system includes procedures for translating individual votes into seats in the legislature.
  • Who will reform Britain's unfair electoral system?
  • Just as we were there protecting the electoral system and the governmental system, here we are asked to protect the judicature.
  • Many members of the Dail Eireann spend an excessive amount of time and effort in the constituency, but this has been more related to Irish political culture than the electoral system.
  • And in an electoral system dominated by money, that often means the short-term interests of their largest campaign contributors.
  • It may be objected that the Royal Commission which issued its Report last spring, did not recommend the incorporation of proportional representation into our electoral system. Proportional Representation A Study in Methods of Election
  • The fact that a party can be voted into power by a minority of the electorate calls into question the country's electoral system.
  • It has an electoral system which in principle should be the envy of the world.
  • Who will reform Britain's unfair electoral system?
  • It has been sustained by tribalism, the adaptiveness of the two parties and the electoral system. Times, Sunday Times
  • But on a much larger level, it just shows once again the utter vacuousness of our electoral system.
  • Our electoral system strongly favours two-party government.
  • The electoral system has been highjacked by two factions of the same party catering to elite interests, and fixated upon inflexible beliefs and policies suited to yesteryears problems.
  • The controversial "binomial" electoral system that guarantees congressional seats for the political right remains in place. 'The Glass Has Broken'
  • Both countries are Labour strongholds and the party would have expected to dominate under first-past-the-post electoral systems.
  • Here is strong evidence of the need to reform the electoral system so every vote counts.
  • Such irony that the nation leading the world into the Information Age has an electoral system that is so antiquated.
  • The third tier of government, municipal councils, has an electoral system which varies from state to state.
  • Such a slate is required under the country's electoral system of proportional representation.
  • There cannot be true democracy without reform of the electoral system.
  • The formation of each of the party system in the Western countries, despite its idiosyncrasies, is in a great measure affected by its very underlying catalyzer—the electoral system.
  • The complicated electoral system effectively guarantees the president's re-election.
  • Under your watch, the electoral system is being neutered and rendered ineffective.
  • Our democracy is crumbling with the politics of fear and prejudice ruling the roost, an electoral system which is corrupt and unrepresentative.
  • Very few taxes are perfect, and our electoral system - with its over-representation of big agricultural states in the Senate - already pampers the rural.
  • Thus, the reform of the electoral system had become a top priority for all those who wanted the renewal of the Italian political system and was vehemently opposed by all those who wanted to retain the system as it was.
  • We hate an electoral system that is driven by money and that subverts real democracy.
  • But given the convolutions of the US electoral system I willing to admit I could be wrong.

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