How To Use Election commission In A Sentence

  • We see no doubt that the Election Commission came to its decision after bearing in mind the pros and cons of the whole situation.
  • Beside this, the repoll is also held at 15 booths of Basanti of South 24 pargana as election commission received complain of rigging and booth capturing. 3 rd phase of panchayat election in Westbengal
  • But the ultimate decision as to whether it is possible and expedient to hold the elections at any given point of time must rest with the Election Commission.
  • She is borrowing money from herself, watchout that she is not hiding funds for the General Election as according to the declaration of Paul vs Clinton she had to be forced to report funds raised by fundrasing to the Federal Election Commission FEC further the declartion reads Hillary made 3 -4 false reports to the FEC an so on hiding funds for the General Election for her Senate race. Ex-Clintonite makes press-release goof
  • Among their obligations is observing the Regional Election Commissions in all the constituencies in their regions.
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  • The election commission yesterday said it was investigating a fivefold increase in the number of new voters in Kirkuk, an oil-rich northern city that the Kurds wish to incorporate into their self-ruled region.
  • Chawla, the senior-most Election Commissioner, was considered as the natural choice for the top post when Gopalaswami demits office on April 20.
  • Last week the state's election commissioner decertified $100m worth of machinery, and ordered counties with e-voting terminals to produce a backup system for the November elections.
  • He said observers and journalists could watch the first stage of the count at the polling stations, but not at provincial election commission centers where the results are tabulated.
  • Stevens strongly dissented from the court's January decision in Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission that lifted federal limits on corporate and union spending in political campaigns. Senator to Stevens: 2010 retirement would lead to 'gridlock'
  • We see no doubt that the Election Commission came to its decision after bearing in mind the pros and cons of the whole situation.
  • JOE JOHNS, CNN CORRESPONDENT (voice-over): It's the kind of story you don't want when you're flying around the country, trying to appeal to average people like hockey moms and Joe and Jane Six Pack: a chichi shopping spree for Governor Sarah Palin and her family, compliments of the Republican National Committee, with a whopping $150,000 price tag, at fancy clothing stores, according to reports filed with the Federal Election Commission. CNN Transcript Oct 22, 2008
  • Section eleven of chapter twenty-nine of the General Acts of nineteen hundred and seventeen is hereby amended by striking out in the thirty-fifth line, the word "thirtieth", and substituting the word: — twentieth, — so that the last sentence of the said section will read as follows: — If the statement of the applicant as to residence is found to be true, the election commissioners shall place the name of the applicant on the voting list; otherAnse the election commis - sioners shall forth\\'ith notify the applicant to appear before them, and, if not satisfied that his statement is true, shall not place his name upon the voting list: provided, however, that no application for registration mider the pro\'isions of this section shall be received by the election commissioners or assistant registrars later than the twentieth day preced - ing a state or municipal election. Acts and resolves passed by the General Court
  • Widespread allegations of ballot-box stuffing and suspicious tallies election worker computerizes results of candidates, as he talks with a colleague at the National Tally Center of the Independence Election Afghan President Hamid Karzai has 54 percent of the vote with almost all the ballots in the Aug. 20 presidential poll now counted, the country's election commission said Tuesday. - Articles related to Suspect in 1968 Hijack Pleads Not Guilty
  • Thailand has a new election commission with powers to disqualify poll cheats and call revotes.
  • Two days before he demits office CEC N Gopalaswami spoke to TOI and said that on Monday he would be sending to the President the Election Commission's opinion on Sonia Gandhi receiving the Belgian honour. The Times of India
  • Pro - Thaksin protesters are likely to be further enraged by the Election Commission's ruling.
  • The Central Election Commission also registered as a presidential candidate a resident of Ivano-Frankivsk region, Vasyl Protyvsikh (whose surname translates as "Against Everybody"), who changed his surname from Humeniuk in early October 2009.
  • The State Election Commission sources say political functionaries are allowed to use Government cars only for official work.
  • The election commission has therefore countermanded voting in several seats and ordered a re-poll in more than 1,000 booths.
  • But the Election Commission disturbed this apple-cart when it advanced the elections, thus ruining their plan.
  • By virtue of his showing in 1992, Perot qualified for $ 29 million in Federal Election Commission campaign funds this year.
  • In Kandy, in the central hills area, the election commissioner annulled the results from 23 polling centres on the basis of reports of ballot box stuffing and the use of violence to influence voting.
  • Lawrence also notes this situation once again illustrates the unusual situation of Aurora having its own election commission that handles a portion, but not all of Aurora and says the simple solution is to have each county handle its own residents for elections. Archive 2009-04-01
  • The UP-LAP-LUP has now cut down the number of political parties in the country from 18 to 15 after the National Election Commission had earlier on March 6, 2009 deregistered 10 other political parties for constitutional violations. Global Voices in English » Liberians Are Talking, Are You Listening?
  • VIGUERIE: Well I guarantee you, the Federal Election Commission has got them what we call seeded, salted, and they have what we call dummy names in there. America's Right Turn: How Conservatives Used New and Alternative Media to Take Power
  • Labels: aurora election commission, dupage county election commission, election 2009, kane county elections, kendall county elections, will county elections Archive 2009-04-01
  • The Chamber had fought what it called the suppression of company participation in elections, and hailed the Supreme Court decision in the case, Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission. --
  • Considering the reports submitted by the Collector of Cuttack and the Secretary of State Election Commission ruling out anomalies in the delimitation exercise, the court delivered judgement. posted by Neel @ 10: 14 AM HC dismisses petitions over delimitation
  • Independent monitors have asked the election commission to annul the results in districts where armed gangs shot at voters, snatched and burned ballots, and blocked access to the polls with vehicles and felled trees.
  • On Monday, election results from 52 of Swaziland's 55 districts were officially released at the election commission in Lobamba, on the outskirts of the capital. ANC Daily News Briefing
  • The election commission reached an impasse on the day of the vote Thursday after the opposition, backed by international observers, demanded that votes be sent from individual polling stations by a satellite-based system believed to be tamperproof. Dictator's Son Winner of Togo Election

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