How To Use Elderberry bush In A Sentence

  • With the ponds there were lots of elderberry bushes and wild rose trees.
  • Police have broken down doors, screamed obscenities, and held innocent people at gunpoint only to discover that what they thought were marijuana plants were really sunflowers, hibiscus, ragweed, tomatoes, or elderberry bushes. John W. Whitehead: The War on Drugs Has Become the War on the American People
  • Sambuca, which taste of licorice like Pernod, is actually flavored with flowers of the elderberry bush.
  • Elderberry bushes can be found in untended, overgrown areas everywhere around here sadly not on the carefully "landscaped"-within-an-inch-of-its-life grounds of the building where I live, of course. Toast:
  • Elderberry bushes have creamy white flowers, which cast a sweet smell into the air.

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