elapid snake

  1. any of numerous venomous fanged snakes of warmer parts of both hemispheres
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How To Use elapid snake In A Sentence

  • Phylogenetic analysis of the “true” aquatic elapid snakes Hydrophiinae (sensu Smith et al., 1977) indicates two independent radiations into water. Archive 2006-07-01
  • The Black Mamba (Dendroaspis polylepis), is an elapid snake and is one of Africa's most dangerous and feared snakes. WN.com - Business News
  • This ecoregion also forms the main distribution for numerous other reptiles, including many large venomous elapid snakes (Pseudonaja guttata, P. ingrami, and Pseudechis colletti). Mitchell grass downs
  • Walterinnesia aegyptia is a species of venomous elapid snake, also known as the Desert Black Snake or Desert Cobra WN.com - Articles related to Japan ready to finance second phase of Rajasthan forestry project
  • Molecular phylogeny of elapid snakes and a consideration of their biogeographic history. Archive 2006-07-01
  • The list of neurotoxins is long and varied so that only a few examples are used below to show the range of mechanisms: b-Bungarotoxin (a potent venom of elapid snakes) prevents the release of neurotransmitters Neurotoxicity
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