How To Use Ekg In A Sentence

  • All OSU athletes must pass physical exams before playing sports, and if problems are detected they undergo more testing, such as electrocardiography, also known as an EKG, a university athletic department spokesman said. Reuters: Press Release
  • The EKG was normal, and the chest x-ray showed no infiltrates but blunting at the left costophrenic angle.
  • The spacecraft's EKG readings are so weak that the signal striking NASA's global network of deep-space antennas is only 10-16 watts — or one part in 10 quadrillion. A Space in Time
  • The EKG is the standard test for adults with heart rhythm problems, but it doesn't work on fetuses, adds Wakai. - latest science and technology news stories
  • The cuff is just one element of a tangled web of tubes and wires, EKG leads taped to the hairs of my chest, while a pint of fresh blood drips slowly into an IV line, and oxygen meter taped to my left ring finger that glows red and adds a weird ET vibe to the whole affair. Will Bunch: How To Promote Your New Book From a Hospital ICU
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  • He is starting her on a small dose and will up the dose after our next echocardiogram and EKG which is in 2 weeks. brile Diary Entry
  • EKG: sometimes called ECG, the abbreviation for electrocardiogram, a diagnostic test that shows the heart’s electrical activity. YOU The Smart Patient
  • My wife rushed me to the local emergency room where they gave me an EKG and administered blood thinners to break up the clot that was obstructing blood flow to my heart.
  • The EKG may show inverted t waves in right sided leads and the so-called epsilon waves. Is endurance exercise bad for the right ventricle?
  • The Mail and Guardian earlier in the month published claims that Motshekga had, among other things, fraudulently maladministered international donor funds in the past. ANC Daily News Briefing
  • Sathekge said: "Friday is going to be a difficult day and companies that have not given their staff some leeway may be affected by presentism, that is staff are at work but not working. IOL: News
  • F use in journals, notekg, n xwing novels, j cwha system reduces t ms frequently bz ws to 1 - and 2-et combinations ( "cwcuts"). Archive 2007-06-01
  • She knew how to operate cannulae, speculums, and state-of-the-art EKG machines. Project Everlasting
  • The judge then adjourned the trial until March 6, to allow police time to trace Mekgwe.
  • This question spilled from the row of twenty EKG machines that now made up the hospital building's larynx, located in the middle of what looked like it was once the lobby, after cocking the beak of its awning toward Carl. Flannery O'Connor's Tea Party
  • Next, they built a body-heat powered electrocardiograph device (EKG) that monitored heart activity. Turning Body Heat Into Electricity
  • The electrocardiogram ECG also called EKG trace expresses cardiac features that are unique to an individual. Archive 2008-08-01
  • The visitors suffered a heavy blow in the 67th minute when Jacob Lekgetho was red carded after his second bookable offence.
  • Please complete this Self - Assessment Form and return to IntertekGSV coordinator before the audit date.
  • An echocardiograph (EKG) at Hackensack's Gregory M. Hirsch Center for Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy would cost about $100 without insurance coverage, Tozzi estimated. Latest News
  • She said Motshekga's presentation of his model, which has been dubbed a "unicity", was given centre stage. ANC Daily News Briefing
  • le gore ke tla šireletša kopano le leina le le botse la mokgatlo le ditheo tša wona, le go lwantšha mekgwa ya tshenyo le dihlophahlophana ka gare ga mokgatlo. Polelo ya go Tswalela Modiro ya Presidente wa African National Congress, Thabo Mbeki, Go Khansele Kakaret�o ya Bobedi Ya ANC Tshwane
  • As we approach our centenary, which is five years from now, we must constantly remind ourselves of the historical truth and act on its basis, that for our movement to continue to live and to lead into and during the second century of its fighting existence, it must remain a movement of the people - Lekgotla la Sechaba, Umbutho we Sizwe! Oration of the President of The African National Congress, Thabo Mbeki, at the funeral of Adelaide Tambo
  • The EKG showed a straight line and emitted a steady ringing tone, signalizing the end of the young man's life.
  • Objective To assess the EKG occurring in acute barium poisoning.
  • People experiencing chest pain too often come to the emergency room, with subsequent electrocardiogram, also called EKG, readings not showing any evidence that a heart attack has occurred, but still leaving open the question of whether or not a heart attack is imminent and about to happen or has already happened, adds Van Eyk, director of the Johns Hopkins NHLBI Proteomics Group and the Proteomics Center at Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center, where the protein analysis took place. RxPG News : Latest Medical, Healthcare and Research News
  • The old experiment where tomatos are hooked to an EKG and "scream" when sliced is often used to establish a scientific basis for the consciousness of plants. Breaking News: Plants Strive To Live
  • Her clothing was off, and EKG sensors were taped to her chest. CLEAR AND PRESENT DANGER
  • Motshekga said his administration would make a contribution to efforts to indigenise the economy and transfer the wealth to the people. ANC Daily News Briefing
  • He puts three stick-on EKG leads on the man's chest and abdomen, a right triangle. Military medics combine ultramodern and time-honored methods to save lives on the battlefield
  • Finally, the test was over, and I was taken to another room for an electrocardiogram, or EKG, which would look at my heart activity. Chocolate & Vicodin
  • On the left and right sides of the screen they have boxes where various talking heads can cast points as the debate is in progress, and at the bottom of the screen there is a graph responding to a specially selected group of "undecided" voters -- the up and down movements of the chart, resembling some kind of EKG, show their feelings to every sentence that is spoken. Barry Levinson: The Future of Televised Debates
  • Engineers innovate and create, building the roads we walk on, analyzing the watersheds we drink from, realizing robotic technology used explore our DNA and improving the electrocardiography (EKG) machines that one day might save our lives. A Career in Engineering
  • Electrocardiograms, looking for a specific abnormality known as prolongation of the QT interval (the time it takes the heart to discharge and recharge on an EKG) taken prior to, and at intervals after starting the drug, should be done. Newer antipsychotics pose risk of death
  • The use of continuous EKG monitoring should be considered for patients with cardiovascular disease, patients at risk for dysrhythmias, or those who have irregular rhythms on auscultation or oximetry.

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