How To Use Eijkman In A Sentence

  • Eijkman was born on August 11, 1858, at Nijkerk in Gelderland Christiaan Eijkman - Biography
  • He first confirmed Eijkman's main results and then found that chickens fed just on autoclaved meat would also develop polyneuritis that could be prevented by adding either rice polishings or beans to their diet. The Nobel Prize and the Discovery of Vitamins
  • Beyerinck's auxanographic method was applied on several occasions by Eijkman, as for example during the secretion of enzymes which break down casein or bring about haemolysis, whereby he could demonstrate the hydrolysis of fats under the influence of lipases. Christiaan Eijkman - Biography
  • It might have been expected that Eijkman's discovery would lead to an immediate and decided decline in beriberi - perhaps to the disappearance of the disease. Physiology or Medicine 1929 - Presentation Speech
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