1. being six more than eighty
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How To Use eighty-six In A Sentence

  • We'll have you eighty-sixed out of this restaurant.
  • This festival was the most important in Mexico, and took place at the temple or "teocalli," a gigantic, pyramid-like mass of stone, rising in terraces to a height of eighty-six feet above the city, and culminating in a small summit platform upon which the long procession of priests and victims could be seen from all parts of the city. Critical and Historical Essays Lectures delivered at Columbia University
  • There was something else in the air and it scared him -- scared him more than anything, in all his eighty-six years, had scared him before. HIDING FROM THE LIGHT
  • In nineteen eighty-six, Russian dancer Rudolf Nureyev's "Cinderella" was performed at the Paris Opera Ballet in France.
  • The Contessa had been eighty-six and only in the last two years had she been unable to walk, slowly, very slowly, in the garden with him. THE GOLDEN LION
  • Stopped just eighty-six meters from a collision, the frigate's commander was no doubt dumbfounded by the sudden reversal of position.
  • For eighty-six years the Sox bore the terrible curse - the burnt devil mark of the demon Yankees, smarmily collecting win upon win with a sense of bloated entitlement.
  • The Russian Church now counts eighty-six eparchies, of which three (Kiev, Moscow, and St. Petersburg) are ruled by bishops who always bear the title The Catholic Encyclopedia, Volume 5: Diocese-Fathers of Mercy
  • But the most recent statement is that his interment was a sham, and was part of a well-devised plan for facilitating his escape from France to Germany during the prevalence of rumoured attempts to restore the Stuarts, and that, after marrying the Countess of Waldsteine-Waters, he lived, bearing her name, to the age of eighty-six. Celebrated Claimants from Perkin Warbeck to Arthur Orton
  • As it was, I still had signed eighty-six fewer documents than were legally required for such an excursion. THE DICE MAN
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