How To Use Eight-day In A Sentence

  • The eight-day tie-up has been an agreed method within the Community during the current year.
  • The man renowned as the “Butcher of the Balkans”—engineer of bloody ethnic wars across the former Yugoslavia, from Bosnia and Croatia to Kosovo, and whose actions created the term ethnic cleansing—hung on through debilitating sanctions and even a seventy-eight-day NATO bombing blitz in 1999 to force Serbian units out of Kosovo. Let the Swords Encircle Me
  • Eight-day clocks with painted dials by the Willard family of Roxbury, Massachusetts, have been extensively studied and documented for nearly a century.
  • The eight-day event will provide opportunities for anyone to have a go, as well as showcasing regional terpsichorean talent.
  • Even the armaglass window creaked and flexed against the storm, although Ayrlyn insisted that, while the storms would be more violent in the eight-days ahead, they represented the warming that was already under way. Fall of Angels
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  • Hannukah is an eight-day Jewish festival.
  • A coroner recorded a verdict of unlawful killing after an eight-day hearing. Times, Sunday Times
  • They have climbed mountains and canoed for eight-day stretches in isolated wilderness.
  • ‘If a two-day strike was unnecessary and unjustifiable, then an eight-day strike is even more so,’ he said.
  • Last month, its instruments showed that the comet was emitting a toxic gas called cyanogen whose output increased fivefold over an eight-day period before slowly decreasing again. Hartley 2: Nasa hopes Epoxi probe will unlock mysteries of the comets
  • Niklas Görke The Buchinger Clinic at Lake Constance, Germany Most recently, Mr. Wiedemann enjoyed a bowl of carrot fennel soup with a group that had come together at the Landhaus Schiffmann hotel in Mülheim in Germany's Mosel Valley to begin a self-imposed eight-day liquid fasting regime of only 250 calories per day. The Fast Road to a Healthier Holiday
  • After an eight-day silent retreat at the Jesuit spirituality center in Wernersville, she came home knowing she wanted to study theology.
  • A €2 million injection for regrading helped pave the way for a possible end today to the eight-day old dispute involving 800 staff at accident and emergency units in about 30 of the country's hospitals.
  • Last year, Crisis catered for 1,800 people with some 700 sleeping overnight during an eight-day period.
  • They have climbed mountains and canoed for eight-day stretches in isolated wilderness.
  • Of course, there is the more familiar story in the Babylonian Talmud, Tractate Shabbat 21b, telling us of the priests entering the Temple precincts and finding but one cruse of holy oil marked with the seal of the High Priest and miraculous eight-day flame in the menorah. Rabbi Barry A. Kenter: Hanukkah: Not Quite The Jewish Christmas
  • A BLOODY incident involving Bulgarian twin brothers in Larnaca led to an eight-day remand of one and the hospitalisation of the other for stab wounds yesterday.
  • An eight-day trip costs around £1200 and may be combined with rainforest trips to see orang-utans or a diving trip to Layang Layang.
  • After an eight-day Wyoming vacation and his birthday bashes, Clinton returns to work Tuesday.
  • With an eight-day, eight-hour power reserve, the unisex watches are available for custom-order with options such as monogramming the second hand with the wearer's initials. nst online
  • The Thursday before last, President Barack Obama came home from his eight-day trip to Asia and received a welcome even frostier than the subfreezing temperatures that had greeted him in Beijing. OpEdNews - Quicklink: NY Magazine: "Whatever Happened to Barack Obama?"
  • The agency is offering an eight-day luxury cruise with a four-day stop at the fair.
  • Faltering talks over firefighters' pay left little hope last night of averting the start of an eight-day national fire strike this morning.
  • But the sudden thaw in relations between the two sides could not guarantee that the eight-day strike planned to start on Friday would be called off.
  • A coroner recorded a verdict of unlawful killing after an eight-day hearing. Times, Sunday Times
  • It is an eight-day walk from the nearest town to the earliest gold fields, and the only way to bring in supplies is on the backs of native porters.
  • If the firefighters persevere with their eight-day strike this week, then matters could escalate rapidly.

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