How To Use Effulgent In A Sentence

  • No other ballet so remorselessly exposes the gulf between effulgent grandeur and mere competence. Times, Sunday Times
  • Even in this instance, it shined through like the effulgent, yet blinding sun, eminently spreading the glow into the unsuspecting eyes of a person not protected by the shade of the trees.
  • Nature is Her effulgent shakti, not inconscient prakriti or illusory maya. Tantra and Transcendentalism – Emerson and Aurobindo
  • They could be met at the fashionable summer resorts; they were effulgent on first nights; they were familiar in Kearney Street on other afternoons than Saturday, and their little world was gay in its way; but Society, that exclusive body which owned its inchoation and later its vitality and coherence to that brilliant and elegant little band of women who came, capable and experienced, to the fevered ragged city of the early Fifties, still struggled in the Eighties to preserve its traditions, and did not admit the existence of these people; feminine curiosity was not even roused to the point of discussion. The Californians
  • The Chinese large land and effulgent culture not only foster Chinese generation and generation, but also create rich and colorful dwelling culture.
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  • On the other hand, Fonteyn in all her effulgent glory is caught extreme and wonderful.
  • In the night sky, nothing is brighter and more effulgent than the moon.
  • As I write I can still see the slender threads of gold emanating from an effulgent sun spreading over the feet of the ascending Christ like the sheerest fiber from a spider's web.
  • They've noticed that you don't want a choice, because the effulgent, aromatic city is your menu. Times, Sunday Times
  • I have never seen them as ruddily effulgent as they are this year. Times, Sunday Times
  • When I succeeded Archbishop Tutu many questions were being asked as to how this relatively unknown young man was going to fill the shoes of such an effulgent personality.
  • Shelby had been saving up words for this:velutinous, sybaritic, hedonic, effulgent . Second Glance
  • Without iridescent blue eye shadow, an effulgent outfit or a hair-sprayed coif, she looks normal.
  • My inner Spike fangirl is squeeing because David said "effulgent" as if it were a perfectly ordinary word. Russell and David Interview
  • the effulgent daffodils
  • People used to explain me as an effulgent person.
  • Effulgent compose acts the role of ablaze series, extremely attractive inwrought craft series, be today the mainstream that Xia Liang pulls.
  • The streets in winter are effulgent with the thick smells of gingerbread and gluhwein. Times, Sunday Times
  • Effulgent compose acts the role of ablaze series, extremely attractive inwrought craft series, be today the mainstream that Xia Liang pulls.
  • He inhabits one of those effulgent personalities that transcends whatever it is he is supposed to be doing, along with an ebullient fan base and a well-promoted ordinary blokiness that charms men and mums alike.
  • After this he quickly returned and prostrated himself once more before the effulgent brothers.
  • The soul is 10,000 times more effulgent than the sun, but the covering of ignorance is so strong that we appear to be like dead matter.
  • He who meditates becomes united with the effulgent Sun.

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