How To Use Efflux In A Sentence

  • The first step in this process is calcium ion efflux from the cells.
  • Ikeda Y, Li X, Palme K, et al. (2008) Sterol-dependent endocytosis mediates post-cytokinetic acquisition of PIN2 auxin efflux carrier polarity. PLoS ONE Alerts: New Articles
  • Any failure to recall that incident on Mr. Duncan's part is the simple result of the effluxion of the nineteen intervening years.
  • Previous experience of PCMBS inhibiting a fraction of the normal unloading efflux suggests that this large, PCMBS-insensitive efflux is by a passive mechanism.
  • One might anticipate that calcium efflux, like that of sodium, is mediated by an ATP - dependent pump.
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  • Consequently, antioxidants including ginsenosides Rb1 and Rg1, S-allyl cysteine sulphoxide (SACS), simvastatin (SVT) and vitamin E significantly abolished HAART 3-plex-induced inhibition of cholesterol efflux. Naturejobs - All Jobs
  • With the time efflux , this famous toggery give to have finished luxurious , sexy , modern quality.
  • One might anticipate that calcium efflux, like that of sodium, is mediated by an ATP - dependent pump.
  • Oxalate efflux could not be triggered by treatment with the trivalent cation lanthanum or by phosphorus deficiency, indicating that the efflux was specific to the Al treatment.
  • If the seed remain within for seven days then it is certain that conception has taken place; for it is during that period that what is known as effluxion takes place. The History of Animals
  • The efflux of potassium ions hyperpolarizes the cell membrane, resulting in vascular smooth muscle relaxation.
  • The scary aspect of this is that calcium ion efflux occurs at intensities and field strengths that are extremely low.
  • But he seems to have thought that going to court was like going to heaven; that to see princes and princesses was a kind of beatific vision; that the exquisite felicity enjoyed by royal persons was not confined to themselves, but was communicated by some mysterious efflux or reflection to all who were suffered to stand at their toilettes, or to bear their trains. Critical and Historical Essays, Volume III (of 3)
  • However, as the Liberal Democrats were the cleanest party in terms of expenses, the ability to improve representation and take advantage of the efflux is reduced. You wouldn’t think women make up more than half of the population… « My Liberal Democrat Political Ramblings…
  • Partaker of influx and efflux I, extoller of hate and conciliation, Leaves of Grass
  • This is not the sort of evidence that will suffer by way of effluxion of time.
  • The ethanol toxicity posed another problem, but through the optimization of an existing efflux pump the microbe was able to protect itself. 365 tomorrows » 2008 » January : A New Free Flash Fiction SciFi Story Every Day
  • Though events and the effluxion of time would soon sweep this away, one does wonder if there had been a more emollient response from Parliament and the British Government and greater willingness to compromise whether matters might have turned out rather differently. American Democracy or European Oligarchy?
  • It is a feature of the results in Fig.2 that sucrose efflux and K + efflux respond similarly to rises in turgor, including the larger rise at highest turgor seen in P. vulgaris though not always in V. faba.
  • I don't expect to correct his behaviour (I gave up on that many many months ago), but I can ridicule his perversion of discourse so that his efflux is not mistaken for any drops of the nectar of knowledge by the ininitiated. Balkinization
  • With the effluxion of 42 years, it has been difficult to contact many of the creditors with death, bankruptcies and relocations intervening.
  • For the first category of compounds, it is the cell wall, together with the outer membrane and associated proteins, which presents a potential barrier to influx and efflux of chemical compounds.
  • Last weeks term was effluxion of time, which is defined as: Legal Definitions
  • Resistance to quinolones can also develop because of alterations in bacterial permeability and the development of efflux pumps.
  • Later, the efflux of solutes from chloroplasts was measured.
  • Together, these findings are consistent with the current being carried by a burst of Cl - efflux through Cl - permeable channels that activate almost simultaneously.
  • Weak substrate binding and rapid efflux had been speculated as an important element in P-gp broad substrate specificity and its primary job of not allowing xenobiotics into the cell cytoplasm.
  • It is assumed that the accumulation of osmotically active compounds, such as sugars, proline and betaine is accelerated, leading to water efflux from the anther wall and thus triggering dehiscence.
  • In this article, we characterize the effect of probucol on cellular ABCA 1 - mediated lipid efflux.
  • In this study, glucose uptake and efflux from border cells was measured in vitro.
  • Efflux was then measured in tubes containing an assay layer without added Glc.
  • Partaker of influx and efflux I-- extoller of hate and Leaves of Grass [1867]
  • What is called effluxion is a destruction of the embryo within the first week, while abortion occurs up to the fortieth day; and the greater number of such embryos as perish do so within the space of these forty days. The History of Animals
  • So, by such a transport inhibition of ketone body efflux from the liver, the brain is deprived of those energetic compounds leading to lower BDH activity.
  • About fifteen hundred pounds 'weight of artificial and compound magnets are so disposed and arranged as to be continually pouring forth in an ever-flowing circle inconceivable and irrestibly powerful tides of the magnetic effluxion, which is well known to have Aphrodisiacs and Anti-aphrodisiacs: Three Essays on the Powers of Reproduction
  • Despite the effluxion of almost two years, the arbitration has not yet really got off the starting line.
  • Diverse mechanisms may be responsible for the development of resistance for Cr in microbes, including chromate efflux 85.
  • Whether the destruction of such a traditional family is a genie which successive governments have allowed to get out of the bottle and cannot now be put back in is something which can only be shown after a considerable effluxion of time. A Right Royal Rebuke?
  • The method, as contradictions accumulate, is then rather fantastically hypostatized as the efflux of decadence itself.
  • I reject the submission that the right to apply lapsed through effluxion of time.
  • It is widely recognised in customary international law that the wrecks of warships are entitled to Sovereign Immunity, so they cannot be salvaged without the consent of their Flag State (here the UK) and that title (ownership) is not lost through the effluxion of time, so no question of abandonment of the wreck of HMS Victory by the UK governmet arises. Odyssey’s Never Ending Quest for Treasure
  • It follows that on August 17, 1979, the plaintiff's action was not barred by the effluxion of time.

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