How To Use Effluvium In A Sentence

  • It must be added, that, though the effluvium which is left by the footsteps of man is in general sufficient to induce lions to avoid a village, there are exceptions; so many came about our half-deserted houses at Chonuane while we were in the act of removing to Kolobeng, that the natives who remained with Mrs. Livingstone were terrified to stir out of doors in the evenings. Missionary Travels and Researches in South Africa
  • Of course, I know that an odour of peach-blossom in the air, resulting in death, could only be associated with some vaporous effluvium of cyanogen, or of hydrocyanic ( 'prussic') acid, or of both; and when I at last managed to examine some of the dust under the microscope, I was not therefore surprised to find, among the general mass of purplish ash, a number of bright-yellow particles, which could only be minute crystals of potassic ferrocyanide. The Purple Cloud
  • There simply is no regulatory solution to the millions of tons of searingly fetid, toxic effluvium that industrial hog farms discharge and aerosolize on a daily basis. Archive 2009-04-01
  • But the effluvium, you know -- it wouldn't be sweet, and the fallout might affect him quite seriously. THE LAST RAVEN
  • I need scarcely expatiate upon the delicate and long-continuing fragrance which this luxuriant perfume imparts to all things with which it comes in contact; it is peculiarly calculated for the drawer, writing-desk, &c. since its aroma is totally unmingled with that most disagreeable effluvium, which is ever proceeding from alcohol. The Mirror of Literature, Amusement, and Instruction Volume 12, No. 334, October 4, 1828
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  • Throughout these preliminaries, Mr. Conducis had remained, as it were, the mere effluvium: far from anxious and so potent that a kind of plushy assurance seemed to permeate the last detail of renaissance in The Dolphin. Killer Dolphin
  • Although who knows what historians in the next Millenium will conclude after studying the effluvium we leave behind.
  • The earth-closet is an invention which relieves the most disagreeable item in domestic labor, and prevents the disagreeable and unhealthful effluvium which is almost inevitable in all family residences, The general principle of construction is somewhat like that of a water-closet, except that in place of water is used dried earth. American Woman's Home
  • You are experiencing a common problem called telogen effluvium, which is the medical term for acute hair loss due to a metabolic, hormonal or drug stress. Hair loss and Kimkins | The Blog of Michael R. Eades, M.D.
  • This poor attempt at levity earned me the usual blank look of incomprehension, so I was forced to abandon the oblique approach and ask directly about the offensive effluvium befouling our happy home.
  • But the effluvium, you know -- it wouldn't be sweet, and the fallout might affect him quite seriously. THE LAST RAVEN
  • A hair loss condition called telogen effluvium, which is triggered by a significant event that takes a toll on our body -- for example, childbirth, a car accident, a death of a significant other and even dramatic weight loss can prompt hair follicles to go through the death phase telogen phase. Anna De Souza: Can Losing Weight Hurt Your Looks?
  • As he said this, a man entered into the women's apartment and opened the two doors; whence there issued a libidinous effluvium, which had a stench like mire; this arose from polygamical love, which is connubial, and at the same time adulterous; so I rose and shut the doors. The Delights of Wisdom Pertaining to Conjugial Love
  • They allow rotten timber to accumulate, and stagnant pools to remain about their houses, and from these there arises an effluvium which is most unpleasant in warm weather, which, however, they do not seem to perceive. A Ramble of Six Thousand Miles through the United States of America
  • Telogen effluvium, which is temporary, diffuse hair loss, commonly occurs due to stress or physical trauma, and it’s often associated with hormonal imbalances. Simple Skin Beauty

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