[ UK /ˌɛfləɹˈɛsəns/ ]
  1. the period of greatest prosperity or productivity
  2. any red eruption of the skin
  3. a powdery deposit on a surface
  4. the time and process of budding and unfolding of blossoms
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How To Use efflorescence In A Sentence

  • When the period of efflorescence, or standing out of the rash, is over, packs ought to be given, to extract the poison completely from the system, and to prevent any sequels, such as anasarca, &c. Hydriatic treatment of Scarlet Fever in its Different Forms
  • He argues that Eliza - bethan drama runs a well-defined course of germina - tion, expansion, efflorescence, and decay. EVOLUTION OF LITERATURE
  • This latter phenomenon, known as efflorescence, is mostly confined to artificial salts. A Text-book of Assaying: For the Use of Those Connected with Mines.
  • Tõ ®iÓn ThuËt ng÷ CÇu §­êng Anh - ViÖt Dynamic load T¶i träng ®éng Dynamic loading çngÕp t¶i ®éng Dynamic modulus of elasticity Mo®un ®µn håi ®éng Dynamic stress øng suÊt ®éng Dynamic test Thö nghiÖm ®«ng häc E Early strength concrete Bª t«ng ®¹t c­êng ®é sím Earth cover Thanh c¨ng Earth pressure ¸p lùc ®Èy cña ®Êt Earth, soil §Êt Earthquake §éng ®Êt Earthquake T¸c ®éng cña ®éng ®Êt Earthquake forces Lùc ®éng ®Êt Eccentric loading DÆt t¶i lÖch t©m Eccentric tendon C¸p dù øng lùc ®Æt lÖch t©m eccentrical compression NÐn lÖch t©m Eccentrically compressed members CÊu kiÖn chÞu nÐn lÖch t©m Eccentricity §é lÖch t©m Eddie current testing Ph­¬ng ph¸p kiÓm tra b»ng dßng Edge beam DÇm biªn Edge beam, exterior girder DÇm biªn, dÇm ngoµi cïng edge-bar Reinforcement Cèt thÐp mÐp Effective area of reinforcement DiÖn tÝch cã hiÖu cña cèt thÐp Effective depth ChiÒu cao cã hiÖu Effective depth at the section ChiÒu cao cã hiÖu cña mÆt c¾t Effective flange width ChiÒu réng cã hiÖu cña b¶n c¸nh Effective flange Width BÒ réng cã hiÖu cña b¶n c¸nh Effective modulus M«dun cã hiÖu qu¶ Effective presstress Dù øng suÊt cã hiÖu Effective prestress after loses Dù øng suÊt cã hiÖu sau mäi mÊt Effective span NhÞp cã hiÖu Effective stress øng suÊt cã hiÖu Effective width (of T girder) ChiÒu réng cã hiÖu (cña dÇm T) Effective width of slab BÒ réng cã hiÖu cña b¶n Efflorescence è mÇu trªn bÒ mÆt bª t«ng Elastic analysis Ph©n tÝch ®µn håi (®èi víi kÕt cÊu) elastic Deformation BiÕn d¹ng ®µn håi Elastic deformation BiÕn d¹ng ®µn håi elastic Design ThiÕt kÕ dÎo Elastic design ThiÕt kÕ ®µn håi Elastic limit Giíi h¹n ®µn håi Elastic loss MÊt m¸t ®µn håi Elastic modulus Mo®un ®µn håi Elastic shortening Co ng¾n ®µn håi 20 of 59 Recently Uploaded Slideshows
  • efflorescence stains on the walls
  • Architecture, sculpture, painting, music, and poetry may truly be called the efflorescence of civilised life, but the production of a healthy civilised life must be the first condition. The World's Greatest Books — Volume 14 — Philosophy and Economics
  • On inclined roofs the efflorescence stain may occur downhill from the source of the leak on the roof and not directly above the stain. Salitre: a form of masonry cancer?
  • The second element that causes efflorescence is water. Salitre: a form of masonry cancer?
  • Their flanks were blotched with a livid nitrous efflorescence, with flaring sulphur, unhealthy verdure of pitchstone, streaks of arsenical vermilion; their beds -- a frantic maze of boulders. South Wind
  • A white incrustation called efflorescence is often found on the surface of interior masonry walls.
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