[ UK /ˈɛd‍ʒ/ ]
[ US /ˈɛdʒ/ ]
  1. a slight competitive advantage
    he had an edge on the competition
  2. the boundary of a surface
  3. the outside limit of an object or area or surface; a place farthest away from the center of something
    the edge of the leaf is wavy
    the water's edge
    she sat on the edge of the bed
  4. a sharp side formed by the intersection of two surfaces of an object
    he rounded the edges of the box
  5. the attribute of urgency in tone of voice
    his voice had an edge to it
  6. a line determining the limits of an area
  1. lie adjacent to another or share a boundary
    England marches with Scotland
    Canada adjoins the U.S.
  2. provide with an edge
    edge a blade
  3. advance slowly, as if by inches
    He edged towards the car
  4. provide with a border or edge
    edge the tablecloth with embroidery
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How To Use edge In A Sentence

  • A little pyrotechnics display tacked on just serves to emphasise its lack of cutting edge. Times, Sunday Times
  • These observations will provide a valuable supplement to the simultaneous records of other expeditions, especially the British in McMurdo Sound and the German in Weddell Sea, above all as regards the hypsometer observations (for the determination of altitude) on sledge journeys. The South Pole~ Remarks on the Meteorological Observations at Framheim
  • Laura Wade's Posh, timed to open as the Tories edged into power in May 2010, reminded us just what we were in for: overprivileged hooligans in drinking-society blazers who trash a pub as thoughtlessly as they will trash the country. Dominic Cooke: a life in theatre
  • The Pepper Street gang, of which Jackie was the acknowledged leader, was not a gang of drug-selling hoods.
  • As for leisure activities, a few old weights and a sledgehammer is the gym. CNN Transcript Sep 10, 2009
  • It gives a little bling to the foulard and the masculine touch gives it an astute edge. Gina Pell: What To Wear In 2010
  • He said nothing as he took his horse's reins and mounted up, the pain causing sparks to flash behind his eyes and his vision to fuzz a little around the edges.
  • Botanical species in this ancient ecosystem included sagebrush, bluegrass, sedges, and herbs.
  • The magnificent 18 th-century mansion is set in private landscaped grounds at the edge of the town, opposite the golf links and West Sands but totally screened by trees, woods and 18-foot high lodge gates.
  • Measurement Intangible assets, such as knowledge and learning, account for a large part of a company's value.
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