[ UK /ˌiːkənˈɒmɪk/ ]
[ US /ˌɛkəˈnɑmɪk, ˌikəˈnɑmɪk/ ]
  1. of or relating to the science of economics
    economic theory
  2. of or relating to an economy, the system of production and management of material wealth
    economic growth
    aspects of social, political, and economical life
  3. using the minimum of time or resources necessary for effectiveness
    an economical use of her time
    an economic use of home heating oil
    a modern economical heating system
  4. financially rewarding
    have to keep prices high enough to make it economic to continue the service
    it was no longer economic to keep the factory open
  5. concerned with worldly necessities of life (especially money)
    in economic terms they are very privileged
    he wrote the book primarily for economic reasons
    gave up the large house for economic reasons
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How To Use economic In A Sentence

  • The scale of the economic gulf between the two parties came as two polls yesterday showed that the election remained wide open. Times, Sunday Times
  • Our economy suffered a triple whammy this year - we were hit by Sars, the Iraq war, and then the world economic downturn.
  • He provides clear explanations of complex economic issues, using anecdotes to illustrate each point.
  • It is unlikely that their blueprint for economic reform will be put into action.
  • Labor economics has become virtually a branch of applied econometrics, with the usual large data sets and headless horsemen running around looking for patterns.
  • State officials retained considerable economic control and allowed uneconomic factories and mines to continue operating.
  • With cross-sectional data it is not possible to make precise comparisons between changes in employment and economic activity over time.
  • The presidential election will be conducted against a backdrop of seismic political and economic turmoil. Times, Sunday Times
  • For example, it was embodied in a system of "informal economics". Critical Social Research
  • The recent U.S. ranking by the World Economic Forum of 48th out of 133 developed or developing nations in quality of math and science instruction is a siren call. Jacqueline Edelberg: Political Will
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