How To Use Echinus In A Sentence

  • And indeed, why should he have thought this difficult? seeing the herb ethiopis opens all locks whatsoever, and an echinus or remora, a silly weakly fish, in spite of all the winds that blow from the thirty-two points of the compass, will in the midst of a hurricane make you the biggest first-rate remain stock still, as if she were becalmed or the blustering tribe had blown their last. Five books of the lives, heroic deeds and sayings of Gargantua and his son Pantagruel
  • In the coming decade, the abuse of agrochemicals and uncontrolled fishing and hunting are expected to Euphorbia echinus, Euphorbia resinifera, Senecio put more pressure on the fragile ecosystems and the threatened endemic species, particularly in hotspots. Northern Africa and biodiversity
  • Yet the echinus can have, at the best, none but the most distant genetic relationship with the Polyzoa. On the Genesis of Species
  • Raw echinus (“kier-bang”), saline and tonic, would clear the palate for succeeding delicacies. The Confessions of a Beachcomber
  • So is the resemblance between a mouse and a shrewmouse (Sorex), which belong to different orders; and the still closer resemblance, insisted on by Mr. Mivart, between the mouse and a small marsupial animal (Antechinus) of Australia. XIV. Mutual Affinities of Organic Beings: Morphology-Embryology-Rudimentary Organs. Analogical Resemblances
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  • This echinus is a model, a prototype, of the world. When The World Screamed
  • 'The old man may not be so far out with his blessed echinus.' When The World Screamed
  • In addition, there has been marked reduction in the range of the Carpentarian antechinus (Pseudantechinus mimulus VU) and brush-tailed possum (Trichosurus vulpecula). Mitchell grass downs
  • The capital is made up of a circular cushion or _echinus_ adorned with fine grooves called _annulæ_, and a plain square _abacus_ or cap Upon this rests a plain architrave or _epistyle_, with a narrow fillet, the _tænia_, running along its upper edge. A Text-Book of the History of Architecture Seventh Edition, revised
  • Would the echinus ever be aware of their existence? ' When The World Screamed
  • Charity you are an echinus; harmless and pleasing to look at but very prickly. Two Weeks To Remember
  • Connected with this is the ‘echinus’ (or many-plies), rough inside and laminated, and of about the same size as the reticulum. The History of Animals
  • A number of other species are largely restricted to the mesic southwest and found in this ecoregion: the yellow-footed antechinus (Antechinus flavipes leucogaster), southern brown bandicoot (Isoodon obesulus), and the woylie (Bettongia penicillata ogilbyi). Jarrah-Karri forest and shrublands
  • Other species with notable disjunct distributions on the Pellew Islands include the canefield rat (Rattus sordidus) (the only known occurrence in the Northern Territory), the vulnerable Carpentarian pseudantechinus (Pseudantechinus mimulus), brush-tailed phascogale (Phascogale tapoatafa) and northern quoll (Dasyurus hallucatus). Carpentaria tropical savanna
  • Other conservation projects in Southwest Australia include community-based recovery programs for the threatened Carnaby's black-cockatoo, western ground parrot (Pezoporus wallicus flaviventris), noisy scrub-bird, malleefowl (Leipoa ocellata) and the marsupial 'mouse' known as the dibbler (Parentechinus apicalis). Biological diversity in Southwest Australia
  • However, some of the species of succulent shrubs have a scattered distribution in the northern part of this ecoregion, most notably Euphorbia regis-jubae, E. echinus, and Senecio anteuphorbium. Atlantic coastal desert
  • The interambulacrum of Meekechinus contains only three columns of plates, which is more similar than the aboral side of Pronechinus to the interpretation of the interambulacrum of the Brownwood echinocystitid.
  • Raw echinus (“kier-bang”), saline and tonic, would clear the palate for succeeding delicacies. The Confessions of a Beachcomber
  • Let the height of the capital be divided into three parts, and give one to the plinth (that is, the abacus), the second to the echinus, and the third to the necking with its congé. The Ten Books on Architecture
  • [ECHINUS RUFFINII] "Body sub-depressed; ambulacral and interlambulacral; plates with several primary tubercles on each closely ranged, having circles of secondary tubercles surrounding their bases; rows of pores very oblique, with three pair of pores in each row, the uppermost distant from the other two. Report of the North-Carolina Geological Survey. Agriculture of the Eastern Counties: Together with Descriptions of the Fossils of the Marl Beds
  • The mainland subspecies of swamp antechinus (Antechinus minimus maritimus) and white footed dunnart (Sminthopsis leucopus) are largely restricted to coastal regions, while other species, such as the koala, are widespread throughout this ecoregion and excluded from the Central Highlands because of the cold winters. Southeast Australia temperate forests
  • The abacus is between the architrave and the aechinus in the capital.
  • The capital, which should be as high as the radius of the bottom of the column, is composed of an abacus, an echinus (a convex moulding with gently swelling curve), and annulets (or rings) next to the column.
  • While the thylacine, the devil, and the eastern quoll had been lost altogether, two minuscule species the white-footed dunnart and the swamp antechinus, a couple of mousy carnivorous marsupials did maintain populations on some of the tiny islands. The Song of The Dodo
  • In architecture, one of the Greek orders, characterized by columns with no base, with a capital consisting of annulets (necing grooves), an echinus and an abacus.

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