1. a graphical recording of the cardiac cycle produced by an electrocardiograph
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How To Use ECG In A Sentence

  • [and] brûnecg, _her broad sword with gleaming blade_, 1547. brûn-fâg, adj., _gleaming like metal_: brûnfâgne helm, 2616. bryne-leóma, w. m., _light of a conflagration, gleam of fire _: nom. sg., Beowulf
  • Our design of the sensor, in fact, handles this through two of the additional ECG channels that the targeted electrocardiographs provide.
  • Objective : To investigate the significance of serum myocardical enzyme in patients with acute renal failure ( ARF ) of nor - mal electrocardiogram ( ECG ).
  • With ventricular depolarization of the site has a number of transient ECG integrated vector, in the face of the lead axis of projection, that is, limb-lead electrocardiogram of the QRS complex wave.
  • Kemble), 155; ic þâ leóde wât ge wið feónd ge wið freónd fäste geworhte (_towards foe and friend_), 1865; heóld heáh-lufan wið häleða brego (_cherished high love towards the prince of heroes_), 1955; wið ord and wið ecge ingang forstôd (_prevented entrance to spear-point and sword-edge_), 1550. b) _against, on, upon, in_: setton sîde scyldas ... wið þäs recedes weal (_against the wall of the hall_), 326; wið eorðan fäðm Beowulf
  • Monday, April 4, 2011 at 3:30pm during the session titled ECG/Ambulatory Monitoring Abstract of Study Confirming Predictive Value of Vicor Technologies' PD2i(R) for Cardiac Mortality Accepted for Presentation at American College of Cardiology 60th Annual Scientific Session - Yahoo! Finance
  • This equipment is not cheap: my ECG machine cost %5,000; but it does store and transmit.
  • Patients who experience symptoms, such as lightheadedness, can press a button on the PDM which tells the system to store the patient's ECG strip during the time of the symptom. Medgadget
  • To folk afar was my father known, noble atheling, Ecgtheow named. Beowulf, translated by Francis Gummere
  • An extensive evaluation including ECG, echocardiogram, Holter studies, chest radiograph, brain MRI, electroencephalogram, and carotid ultrasound was unrevealing.
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