1. periodic shedding of the cuticle in arthropods or the outer skin in reptiles
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How To Use ecdysis In A Sentence

  • It might be a good idea to relate strip-teasing in some way to the...zoological phenomenon of molting,...which is ecdysis. Archive 2007-11-01
  • As in crustaceans, autotomy must be done before a critical period (about 3 days posthatching) so that there is sufficient time to regenerate the appendage before the next ecdysis.
  • Considering Crustacea as an analogy, abnormal secretion of exuviation hormones in trilobite exoskeletons could also have caused irregular ecdysis and given rise to aberrant exoskeletal morphology.
  • Spiders grow by shedding their old exoskeleton and replacing it with a larger, less constraining hide, a process known as ecdysis. The Killing Kind
  • In both groups, tissue loss must occur before a critical period to permit regeneration before the next ecdysis and proecdysial processes are suspended during regeneration in order to maintain proper timing of events.
  • A less common word for the process is ecdysis (ek'dih-sis; "get out" G). The Human Brain
  • During pre-adult life, the exoskeleton is therefore renewed a number of times by the process of moulting or ecdysis. Chapter 6
  • Hormones regulate many insect functions, including ecdysis and metamorphosis.
  • It inhibits ecdysis and ultimately, apolysis, the first stage in the moulting process in which separation of the old cuticle from the underlying epidermal cells takes place. Chapter 7
  • During terminal pleateau there are a series of large pulses of circulating ecdysteroids which appear to be necessary for successful ecdysis of the entire exoskeleton.
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