How To Use Eccentrically In A Sentence

  • After ten years, she was still widely, if eccentrically, regarded as a fascinating novelty; a breath of fresh air.
  • Crucial to me is that the richest flavours of remembrance need the BBC box to be full of Oz commentators' ripe vernacular as the ball hits "the pickets", not the boundary fence; that extras are always "sundries"; and that the scorecard numbering is forever eccentrically reversed, as in that inaugural score back in 1946 when it was eight for 659 and not the other way around. How the warm glow of the old wireless stoked the Ashes fire
  • It is an even more satisfying record than its predecessor, eccentrically lush and rich production making the most of an already impressive clutch of new songs.
  • I suggested we sample a shadow-puppet show and stroll around the eccentrically decorated wats.
  • Even more unexpectedly, solar systems were found that were somewhat like ours but with seemingly impossible variations—for instance, with a circular-orbiting Jupiter in what is considered the roughly “right place” in relation to its sun, along with an eccentrically orbiting and even larger Jupiter in the inner solar system region where rocky planets are supposed to live. First Contact
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  • Experiments of 8 concrete - filled steel tube ( CFST ) dumbbell - shaped columns under eccentrically loads are introduced.
  • At least 20 gear wheels of the mechanism have been preserved, including a very sophisticated assembly of gears that were mounted eccentrically on a turntable and probably functioned as a sort of epicyclic or differential, gear-system. Computer Greeks
  • The eccentrically shaped, whirly, hairy seedheads will sit around for the rest of the year. Times, Sunday Times
  • She is best when her discursive, rambling method strikes something eccentrically sharp and moving; not often in complete poems, though the sustained Lullaby here is a fine exception.
  • The white lines also suggest eccentrically arranged floors and walls, as if the painting were a cutaway view of a multistory house.
  • Tõ ®iÓn ThuËt ng÷ CÇu §­êng Anh - ViÖt Dynamic load T¶i träng ®éng Dynamic loading çngÕp t¶i ®éng Dynamic modulus of elasticity Mo®un ®µn håi ®éng Dynamic stress øng suÊt ®éng Dynamic test Thö nghiÖm ®«ng häc E Early strength concrete Bª t«ng ®¹t c­êng ®é sím Earth cover Thanh c¨ng Earth pressure ¸p lùc ®Èy cña ®Êt Earth, soil §Êt Earthquake §éng ®Êt Earthquake T¸c ®éng cña ®éng ®Êt Earthquake forces Lùc ®éng ®Êt Eccentric loading DÆt t¶i lÖch t©m Eccentric tendon C¸p dù øng lùc ®Æt lÖch t©m eccentrical compression NÐn lÖch t©m Eccentrically compressed members CÊu kiÖn chÞu nÐn lÖch t©m Eccentricity §é lÖch t©m Eddie current testing Ph­¬ng ph¸p kiÓm tra b»ng dßng Edge beam DÇm biªn Edge beam, exterior girder DÇm biªn, dÇm ngoµi cïng edge-bar Reinforcement Cèt thÐp mÐp Effective area of reinforcement DiÖn tÝch cã hiÖu cña cèt thÐp Effective depth ChiÒu cao cã hiÖu Effective depth at the section ChiÒu cao cã hiÖu cña mÆt c¾t Effective flange width ChiÒu réng cã hiÖu cña b¶n c¸nh Effective flange Width BÒ réng cã hiÖu cña b¶n c¸nh Effective modulus M«dun cã hiÖu qu¶ Effective presstress Dù øng suÊt cã hiÖu Effective prestress after loses Dù øng suÊt cã hiÖu sau mäi mÊt Effective span NhÞp cã hiÖu Effective stress øng suÊt cã hiÖu Effective width (of T girder) ChiÒu réng cã hiÖu (cña dÇm T) Effective width of slab BÒ réng cã hiÖu cña b¶n Efflorescence è mÇu trªn bÒ mÆt bª t«ng Elastic analysis Ph©n tÝch ®µn håi (®èi víi kÕt cÊu) elastic Deformation BiÕn d¹ng ®µn håi Elastic deformation BiÕn d¹ng ®µn håi elastic Design ThiÕt kÕ dÎo Elastic design ThiÕt kÕ ®µn håi Elastic limit Giíi h¹n ®µn håi Elastic loss MÊt m¸t ®µn håi Elastic modulus Mo®un ®µn håi Elastic shortening Co ng¾n ®µn håi 20 of 59 Recently Uploaded Slideshows
  • Them he branded, as hypocritical materialists, and the country for pride in her sweetmeat plethora of them: -- mixed with an ancient Hebrew fear of offence to an inscrutable Lord, eccentrically appeasable through the dreary iteration of the litany of sinfulness. One of Our Conquerors — Volume 3
  • Among other collectors' gems, this contained the most eccentrically pronounced versions of Annie's Song and Yesterday on record, and the title song is a memorably cheesy duet with Denver.
  • Moreover, both compositions boast the same cast of eccentrically posed, heavily built characters, with their unmistakably distorted faces and sightless eyes.
  • The ground floor, eccentrically dominated by a pharmacy with a bar, is a sophisticated, stuccoed & tiled Grand European Café of the C19th.
  • ‘A judicial inquiry is administrative terrorism’, he writes eccentrically.
  • A person who behaves eccentrically is a "screwball. Baseball Today and Tomorrow
  • At the height of his powers, he was so famous that a letter, addressed with only a silhouette of the author, would reach him at his eccentrically designed home at Hartford, Connecticut.
  • While David is away chairing (very eccentrically of course) the Cannes festival committee we finally get to see close to his best and most mysterious and touchingly tragic movie.
  • Its historical importance in the development of modern ideology has come from its unique claim to explain experience, however eccentrically.
  • The radiolucent lesion was eccentrically located, multiloculated, and rimmed by a thin sclerotic zone.
  • The team has moved out of a warehouse and into an airy old mission, and has hired a few new members: Adam Jamal Craig as a new agent who spouts facts when he gets nervous, and best of all, Linda Hunt as an eccentrically tough-but-loving new boss. 'NCIS' popularity should keep spinoff in hunt
  • For me, the most profound aspect of the past month has been the eruption of unfamiliar emotions that rob New Yorkers of sleep and make them act as eccentrically as I did in the airport.
  • The pub has one of those eccentrically eclectic menus that you might associate with lesser pub food.
  • Roiphe seems to have missed this moment; more eccentrically, when she does acknowledge that YA has always had its dark side, she reaches back to Catcher in the Rye and over to Little House on the Prairie for her examples. Archive 2009-06-01
  • For starters, the audience's attention was tea-leafed by Deez and Co. fashioning some eccentrically dotty dancing. Lydia Hughes: Darwin Deez at Glastonbury
  • One exception was the eccentrically named Lary 7, a 55-year-old photographer who has lived in the East Village since 1984. A Frame-by-Frame Show-and-Tell
  • That's particularly true for John Noble's eccentrically endearing Walter, who struggles so hard to piece his memory and his mind back together. Season finale frenzy: 'Fringe'
  • Some tumor cells contained intracytoplasmic vacuoles and eccentrically displaced nuclei, forming a signet ring cell appearance.
  • Ashbery's poetry, like Darger's art, is an entire world, its terms minutely and eccentrically developed; like Cornell's boxes and collages, his poems are part storage, part wonder. Papa
  • The median bar is eccentrically positioned in the shell; thus the lengths of the protruding rays differ within a specimen.
  • It was laid out on a radial plan much like Paris or Washington, D.C. Luxury goods, such as jadeite pendants, eccentrically shaped obsidian objects, and exotic shells, confined to the ceremonial precincts of other sites, were found throughout the city. A Mighty Maya Nation
  • Ewers and vases often combine unusual elements: eccentrically shaped openwork handles and covers on bulbous bodies with flaring, tapering, or segmented necks inspired by Near Eastern shapes.
  • In early stages, Eurekaphyllum is distinguished from Papiliophyllum by its calicinal expansions, tabulae which are not domed eccentrically in the counter quadrants, and by its commonly open cardinal interseptal loculi.

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