East African

  1. of or relating to or located in East Africa
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How To Use East African In A Sentence

  • Much is made of whether it is a "real" quagga or not, but according to Jonathan Kingdon, in Volume 3 B of his magisterial 7- volume East African Mammals, the quagga is a mere race, conspecific with the common zebra. Back to the Blog!
  • East African volcanoes are famous for their carbonatites, and most of the eruptive magmas were rich in alkalis and natrocarbonatite.
  • East African montane forests (AT0108) are found mostly in Kenya to the east, howver, six smaller area of this ecoregion occur in Uganda, most notably, encircling Mount Elgon on the border with Tanzania. Ecoregions of Uganda (WWF)
  • The polyphase tectonic and sedimentological development of East African continental rift basins is well-illustrated in the Kilombero Rift Valley in Tanzania.
  • bottlenecked" endangered species such as Wanglang giant pandas, the East African cheetah and an island koala population founded by only three koalas. PhysOrg.com - latest science and technology news stories
  • The Portuguese navigator Vasco da Gama explored the East African coast in 1498 on his voyage to India.
  • The article explains how cowries were exchanged for slaves and how East African gold entered Indian Ocean circuits.
  • East African sleeping sickness, caused by T brucei rhodesiense, is a zoonosis with an extensive animal reservoir in ungulates, including game animals.
  • The first part is the East African Community before 1977; in this part we expound the reasons for setting up the East African Community, the role and the reasons for the dissolution.
  • The hotspot is part of BirdLife International’s Southeast African Coast Endemic Bird Area, with four restricted-range species: Rudd’s apalis (Apalis ruddi), pink-throated twinspot (Hypargos margaritatus), Neergaard’s sunbird (Nectarinia neergaardi) and lemon-breasted seedeater (Serinus citrinipectus). Biological diversity in Maputaland-Pondoland-Albany
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