[ UK /dˈʌkbɪl/ ]
  1. small densely furred aquatic monotreme of Australia and Tasmania having a broad bill and tail and webbed feet; only species in the family Ornithorhynchidae
  2. primitive fish of the Mississippi valley having a long paddle-shaped snout
  1. having a beak resembling that of a duck
    a duck-billed dinosaur
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How To Use duckbill In A Sentence

  • The purpose of the tissue was to make sure that the duckbill clips did not leave any dents.
  • Having perfected the art of extracting DNA from amber-encased insects, Cano is using the same technology to fish for DNA directly from the fossils of duckbill dinosaurs. Here Come The Dnasaurs
  • I wondered whether the Chaits had a duckbill dinosaur, my favorite growing up, with the possible exception of the brontosaurus. The Art of Selling Dino Dung
  • All submitted comments are subject to the rules set forth in our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use. from duckbill wrote 49 weeks 15 hours ago Ruger Red Label
  • According to her, he was wearing a plastic shield, a regular-size duckbill mask, gloves, gown and everything supplied by the hospital, but still she got infected.
  • Some polar dinosaurs, particularly larger taxa such as the duckbill Edmontosaurus Lambe, 1917, were biomechanically and energetically capable of migrating over long distances, up to 2600 km. Neoceratopsian publications for 2008
  • Since the parent duckbills were nearly thirty feet long and weighed about three tons, we assume that the dinosaurs were too large to incubate their eggs by sitting on the nest.
  • The duckbill platypus is a current member of the ancient monotreme group.
  • It was the spectacular array of ornithischians that made the Cretaceous such an interesting time - strangely named beasts like ‘duckbills’ and ‘boneheads’, and various types of armoured and horned dinosaurs.
  • Explain to the children that the tarantula and duckbill platypus began as ideas in the mind of God. On the Sixth Day, God Created the Trumpet
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