[ US /ˈdubiəˌsɫi/ ]
[ UK /djˈuːbɪəsli/ ]
  1. in a questionable and dubious manner
    these were estates his father questionably acquired
  2. in a doubtful manner
    Gerald shook his head doubtfully
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How To Use dubiously In A Sentence

  • Even her eye doctor, if he was to be believed, had floaters; Helen regarded him dubiously; she knew him for a bit of a joker.
  • I can send for a physician," said Lady Annabelle, looking dubiously at the corpselike figure on her hearth, "but I doubt he can get here under an hour; it's snowing something fierce out. Sick Cycle Carousel
  • If passed, this bill will be yet another of the powers of Star Chamber accrued by the US Government in the name of homeland security: issuing search warrants through secret courts, accumulating personal records without warrant in a provision of the PATRIOT Act renewed by President Obama, and now protecting witnesses from legal recourse when they level dubiously factual charges. Feisal G. Mohamed: "See Something, Say Something" And Impunity for Profiling
  • A dubiously videotaped confession by her alleged stalker was voluntarily pulled by prosecutors as direct evidence.
  • Carter was dubiously convicted of shooting three white men in a bar.
  • This was wicked waggery, especially when it was directed to mar all the attempts of the unfortunate poet to improve his personal appearance, about which he was at all times dubiously sensitive, and particularly when among the ladies. The Life of Oliver Goldsmith
  • Carter was dubiously convicted of shooting three white men in a bar.
  • Dog brushed and pajamas attained, only six hours and one somewhat dubiously subtextual PG movie later. for the life of me I cannot remember what made us think that we were wise and we'd never compromise
  • Seen in her hotel room, for instance, she is dubiously reflected in her own mirror, or lost behind a latticed screen.
  • Can't be too pedicular in a pinch," he grinned as he wriggled dubiously into the dry garments, and in a few minutes he was seated beside the girl upon a rough bench drawn close to the fire. The Promise A Tale of the Great Northwest
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