How To Use Drug withdrawal In A Sentence

  • It's like having the flu, a hangover and drug withdrawal all at once.
  • Metformin combined with Diane-35 is better that treat the insulin resistance cases in PCOS patients, 6 and 3 months are suitable for the time of therapy and the interval of drug withdrawal.
  • Drug withdrawal is everything you've ever heard.
  • The heroin addicts experience the full effects of drug withdrawal. The Sun
  • Sure enough, the drug withdrawal is starting to kick in.
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  • The depression and fatigue —and the drug withdrawal from nicotine —make people crave another cigarette to perk up again.
  • They are tending to their addiction - keeping the physical devils of drug withdrawal at bay.
  • That's right, and two things that predicted maintenance of normal blood pressure after drug withdrawal were salt restriction and weight loss.
  • The experience at Scotland's Cornton Vale women's prison is also highlighted as demonstrating the impact drug withdrawal can have on the mental health of prisoners.
  • Many of the children suffer drug withdrawal symptoms.
  • After 4-week drug withdrawal, we tested 13C-UBT again and extracted stomach mucosa for urea enzyme test, bacteriology, NO content tests in mucosa.
  • Acute and postacute drug withdrawal can affect sleep in recovering addicts.
  • Methods Mental health state of 246 drug addicts was assessed by using Symptom Checklist-90(SCL-90) before and after drug withdrawal.
  • The control group accepted drug withdrawal immediately, while the observed group accepted dose tapering gradually after a 12-week treatment course.
  • Objective To analyze the reasons for outpatient pharmacy drug withdrawal, and explore measures to reduce drug withdrawal.
  • Her prison file shows that when she began her sentence, she ‘went through the drug withdrawal with the minimum amount of discomfort’, and her clinical records confirm this.
  • The research provided the experimental basis of tea caffeine applied in drug withdrawal.
  • Objective To observe the abnormal rate of EEG in 3-year seizure-free epileptics and to guide drug withdrawal.
  • Frenois and his team say their work is an important step in helping to determine how specific environments associated with drug withdrawal might encourage drug seeking.
  • As well as new drug withdrawal and mental health programmes there is access to the Samaritans, Alcoholics Anonymous, Rape Crisis and other agencies.
  • In this study, abrupt drug withdrawal reinduced norepinephrine dependency in 30% of patients previously weaned from vasopressors.
  • To analyze the characteristics of outpatient prescription drug withdrawal, reduce out-patient drug withdrawal to ensure the safety of patients with medication.

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