[ UK /dɹˌɒsəfˈɪlɐ/ ]
  1. small fruit fly used by Thomas Hunt Morgan in studying basic mechanisms of inheritance
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How To Use drosophila In A Sentence

  • This second gene is only found in holometabolous insects, Drosophila, and silkworms but not in the more primitive hemimetabolous insects, like grasshoppers or springtails.
  • A number of Daphnia proteins showed one-to-one orthologous relationships to Drosophila ABC proteins including the sulfonyl urea receptor (SUR), the ecdysone transporter ET23, and the eye pigment precursor transporter scarlet. BioMed Central - Latest articles
  • The fruit fly Drosophila melanogaster has two sex chromosomes and three autosomes.
  • The e-nose predicted whether twelve odorant receptors from Drosophila would respond to 21 new odorants with roughly 75 percent accuracy. "MAIN" via Steve in Google Reader
  • The GeneChip Drosophila genome array was hybridized with the test or control probes in parallel experiments.
  • In animals, well-studied examples of the coenocytic state are found in oogenesis and in the early embryogeny of Drosophila.
  • The development of mosaic flies clearly illustrates the cell autonomy of sex determination in the somatic cells of Drosophila.
  • We assume that control of sex determination in the ancestor of Drosophila was through heterogamety at the dsx locus.
  • The cuticular hairs formed by epidermal cells are not the only examples of cellular projections found in Drosophila.
  • Drosophila mutants, including bicaudal, in a review by Ted Wright (1971). Christiane Nüsslein-Volhard - Autobiography
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