How To Use Droshky In A Sentence

  • Bent double in a jolting droshky, I kept asking myself whether I should tell Varia all as it was, or go on deceiving her, and little by little turn her heart from Andrei ... The Diary of a Superfluous Man and other stories
  • She was dying and yet she kept on saying, ‘Buy yourself a racing droshky, Makaritch, that you may not have to walk.’ The Witch, and other stories
  • [3] A "droshky" is a low, four-wheeled, open carriage, plying for hire. From Pole to Pole A Book for Young People
  • I will meet with the best; the wisest of them, the spokesman of their gromada, * (* Village assembly.) driving his droshky. The Sky Writer
  • When it was daylight a racing droshky was brought up to the front door and the old man got jauntily on to it, pulling his big cap down to his ears; and, looking at him, no one would have said he was fifty-six. The Witch, and other stories
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  • The grazing animals were running fast — thirty or forty miles per hour Ada guessed in the seconds before the sonie carried them out of sight — but the birds were moving faster, perhaps sixty miles per hour, four times as fast as any droshky or carriole that Ada or the other three had ever ridden in. Ilium
  • Middle-aged merchants have a great fancy for such horses; their action recalls the swaggering gait of a smart waiter; they do well in single harness for an after-dinner drive; with mincing paces and curved neck they zealously draw a clumsy droshky laden with an overfed coachman, a depressed, dyspeptic merchant, and his lymphatic wife, in a blue silk mantle, with a lilac handkerchief over her head. A Sportsman's Sketches
  • At his door was seen the mayor with his wide chestnut-coloured droshky and pair — an exceptionally bulky man, who seemed as though cut out of material that had been laid by for a long time. The Diary of a Superfluous Man and other stories
  • And behold, during the sermon a lady drove up to the church in an old fashioned hired droshky, that is, one in which the lady could only sit sideways, holding on to the driver's sash, shaking at every jolt like a blade of grass in the breeze. The Possessed
  • Kutcherov, the engineer who was building the bridge, a stout, broad-shouldered, bearded man in a soft crumpled cap drove through the village in his racing droshky or his open carriage. The Witch, and other stories
  • His wife and daughter-in-law saw him off, and at such times when he had on a good, clean coat, and had in the droshky a huge black horse that had cost three hundred roubles, the old man did not like the peasants to come up to him with their complaints and petitions; he hated the peasants and disdained them, and if he saw some peasants waiting at the gate, he would shout angrily: The Witch, and other stories
  • The prince drove in his own carriage, and I in a wretched little droshky, hired for an immense sum for this solemn occasion. The Diary of a Superfluous Man and other stories

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