[ US /ˈdɹup/ ]
[ UK /dɹˈuːp/ ]
  1. droop, sink, or settle from or as if from pressure or loss of tautness
  2. become limp
    The flowers wilted
  3. hang loosely or laxly
    His tongue lolled
  1. a shape that sags
    there was a sag in the chair seat
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How To Use droop In A Sentence

  • I had a strange fascination with the MGM toons when I was young, especially Droopy.
  • The setting sun drooped in the west.
  • The lustrous gipsy – face drooped over the clinging arms and bosom, and the wild black hair fell down protectingly over the childish form. The Mystery of Edwin Drood
  • Good, bad, or meaningless, there it will be: bunchy with fat or sagging from the bone, fading, freckling, wrinkling, and drooping so long as flesh endures. Beginner’s Grace
  • As Mrs Varden distinctly heard, and was intended to hear, all that Miggs said, and as these words appeared to convey in metaphorical terms a presage or foreboding that she would at some early period droop beneath her trials and take an easy flight towards the stars, she immediately began to languish, and taking a volume of the Manual from a neighbouring table, leant her arm upon it as though she were Hope and that her Barnaby Rudge: a tale of the Riots of 'eighty
  • a scarlet "whittle" over all this motley finery; with a "outwork quoyf or ciffer" (New England French for coiffure) with "long wings" at the side, and a silk or tiffany hood on her drooping head, -- Priscilla in this attire were pretty indeed. Sabbath in Puritan New England
  • Eventually, though, the leaves will begin to droop, which is a sure sign it needs water. Epinions Recent Content for Home
  • He drooped his head and trailed off.
  • a sleepy-eyed child with drooping eyelids
  • The girl, who had been drawing her hands down her face in worry, stopped mid-action causing her eyes to droop like those of a basset hound.
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