[ US /ˈdɹɛntʃɪŋ/ ]
[ UK /dɹˈɛnt‍ʃɪŋ/ ]
  1. the act of making something completely wet
    he gave it a good drenching
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How To Use drenching In A Sentence

  • As soon as the other side has browned, she grabbed up some pancakes, drenching them in maple syrup, and some Cool Whip that was resting on the counter.
  • Renee DeCarlo it was quick, it was quiet, it was fast; a blue view of small proportions .... gaze inside a day when the sun shines a bright blue blessing of clear skies and the ease of breathing is all but forgotten. fixed on the soft buzz of an upward motion the hem of his slightly frayed blue jeans wrapped around my imagination and so began the baffling alchemy of apteral aeronautics once again pulling the strings of a sleepy distracted life. sensing a draw between yes and no the arousing sound of crimson fire and gritty dust stung my watery eyes creating a revolving revolution amidst the stomping of unified feet. powerless to refuse the motion of forward my numb bare feet shuffled to the plaintive chant echoed in the ancient ritual of fire. attending to the tribal embrace the bombardment of countless voices revealed hidden stories in a mesh of rattling shells drenching the crowded air. The Clarity of Night
  • Say the club season ran from February to October, though, and the bulk of the fixtures would be played on firm pitches with possibly even a bit of sun drenching the players' backs.
  • People lined the bar, singing an off-key song about the wonders of the sea, raising their tankards of ale and slopping the liquid every which way, drenching those next to them.
  • drenching" them to kill the worms in their stomach. TravelPod.com TravelStream™ — Recent Entries at TravelPod.com
  • They earned it by putting in strainer posts, and shearing, and drenching, and dagging, and sewing up wool bales. Public Address
  • In drenching, swallowing may be hastened by pouring into the nose of the horse, while the head is high, a few teaspoonfuls of clean water, but _drenches must never be given through the nose_. Special Report on Diseases of the Horse
  • Meanwhile, Sydney copped a battering of wet and destructive weather but it should be spared from a further drenching, which is expected to hit regional NSW. The Canberra Times - Front Page
  • Those who had secured the shelter offered by the solitary marquee and who, notwithstanding the irrespirable and filthy atmosphere, considered possible suffocation and the danger of fire to be preferable to the drenching rain, were confronted with a new and far more terrifying menace. Sixteen Months in Four German Prisons Wesel, Sennelager, Klingelputz, Ruhleben
  • Soon everyone is drenching their pancakes with warm maple syrup or smothering them with berry-rich preserves.
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