How To Use Dravidian In A Sentence

  • Siror at January 21, 2005 04:30 AM i know that kannada got derived from Tamil which is the oldest and originated in india but aryans(sankrits) migrated to india and settled down here. so we should not make any distinction between Tamil and Kannada and we are Dravidians and Indians and get rid out these Arayans(north indians, Brahmins from country) from india who are dominating us and they don't have any patriotism that is the reason why many north Indians and especially Brahmins settled down in foriegn countries like US, UK etc,.. HISTORY OF KANNADA.
  • Mann clearly realized that the Dravidian gods and goddesses in fact subverted the Hindu pantheon and changed the substance of the Aryan religion through their very presence in it.
  • Here Tulu language, one of the five main Dravidian languages of the South, with its extinct script is spoken.
  • Lacy tree branches cast their shadows on the Five Raths, seventh century Dravidian shrines to Hindu gods each carved from a single, massive granite boulder.
  • If theDravidian hypothesis is correct, it might be possible to match wordsfrom the old form of Tamil, a Dravidian language spoken in Tamil Nadu, with the Indus signs.
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  • The prevailing faith of the Dravidians, therefore, is demonolatry; and the myriad shrines in the villages and hamlets, and the daily rites conducted in them, attest the universal prevalence of this belief and the great place it has in the life of these so-called Hindus. India, Its Life and Thought
  • The whole Indian peninsula south of the Vindhyas, save for a part of Maharashtra (Nasik and Pratishthana) easily accessible from Malwa and already Aryanized, was occupied by Dravidians: Canarese-speakers on the northwest, Telugu-speakers on the east, and Tamil-speakers in the Carnatic. C. South India
  • The Padmanabha Swamy temple is referred to as the best specimen of the Dravidian style of architecture found all over the State.
  • It is a Dravidian theater for the lower classes, paralleling the professional natak companies for the rich.
  • --- So it means the self proclaimed superior intelligence of the Tamil Brahmin is due to the Dravidian genes mixing with them. Why are South Indians so smart?
  • These seventh and eighth century Dravidian relics with Buddhist elements are temples to the Hindu gods Vishnu and Shiva.
  • They cannot therefore on the evidence of language be classified as a Munda or Kolarian or as a Dravidian tribe. The Tribes and Castes of the Central Provinces of India Volume II
  • The philological classification of the Brahui dialect has been much disputed, but the latest enquiries, conducted by Dr G.A. Grierson, have resulted in his placing it among the Dravidian languages. Encyclopaedia Britannica, 11th Edition, Volume 3, Part 1, Slice 2 "Baconthorpe" to "Bankruptcy"
  • Shiva, for instance, was a Dravidian tribal god, very much a folk deity, until theologised and worked into the larger Hindu pantheon.
  • His asides on Brahui (the Dravidian language that may be a missing link between India and the Persian-empire tongue Elamite) and Ket (the Siberian language with plausible ties to Navajo) are as diverting as anything in his book. Back to Babel
  • Because gemination is common in Dravidian languages, double consonants in written English are often geminated: ‘sum-mer’ for summer and ‘sil-lee’ for silly.
  • Because gemination is common in Dravidian languages, double consonants in written English are often geminated: ‘sum-mer’ for summer and ‘sil-lee’ for silly.
  • Throughout central and southern India there are tribal populations such as Mundas, Oraons and Santals, there are Dravidian groups in southern India such as Tamils and the Malayalam-speaking peoples in Kerala.
  • The success and rise of Dravidians is mainly due to their latent anglophonic skills more than anything else it certainly ain't anything specifically anatomic or cultural in the sense that Anglophonia is the edge you need to get ahead, climb the ladder, get to the top in this competetive world. Why are South Indians so smart?
  • These are probably remnants of the "pigmy" pre-Dravidian or Negrito-Papuan element, which constituted the most ancient inhabitants of the island and who long ago were driven inland from the coveted coast. Popular Science Monthly Oct, Nov, Dec, 1915 — Volume 86
  • Simply put, Dravidian could have opted to generalize the absolutive pronouns for both agents and patients of actions and thus PDr *yān Archive 2007-12-01
  • However, Tulu language with its near extinct script has been generating much enthusiasm amongst the linguists, as it is now believed to be one of the oldest Dravidian languages.
  • There are about 24 Dravidian languages recognized by linguists.
  • This epic of Dravidian India is of the type that is told in homes rather than at religious festivals.
  • Temple building in India, by the Mediaeval Age, had gradually crystallized into two main streams - the north Indian or Indo-Aryan, and the Dravidian in south India.

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