[ UK /dˈa‍ʊnwəd/ ]
[ US /ˈdaʊnwɝd/ ]
  1. extending or moving from a higher to a lower place
    the downward course of the stream
    the down staircase
  2. on or toward a surface regarded as a base
    he lay face downward
    the downward pull of gravity
  1. spatially or metaphorically from a higher to a lower level or position
    prices plunged downward
    don't fall down
    rode the lift up and skied down
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How To Use downward In A Sentence

  • The garden sloped gently downward to the river.
  • After climbing a steep rise for about twenty minutes the road crested, then began to slope downwards, taking a more westerly direction.
  • In a downward inflation trend, salary expectations lag the decreases in inflation.
  • It is generally longer than it is wide and its floor slopes downwards towards a junction either with another valley or a plain.
  • If the condenser must be located above the turbine, then the pipe should be carried first downward and then upward in the U form, in the manner of the familiar "entrainer," which will be found effectively to prevent water getting back when the turbine is operating. Steam Turbines A Book of Instruction for the Adjustment and Operation of the Principal Types of this Class of Prime Movers
  • What a suasory example it is for those, who through some freak of fortune, being enabled to shake off the dust of honest toil and industry, are very ready to look downward with contempt upon the rank they have just left. Honor Edgeworth Ottawa's Present Tense
  • With a blood-curdling scream she fell downwards.
  • Traced downward, it covers the antero-superior surface of the stomach and the commencement of the duodenum, and is carried down into a large free fold, known as the gastrocolic ligament or greater omentum. XI. Splanchnology. 2e. The Abdomen
  • He has on the back of his stone a shield with nine rows of chequers; over the top of the shield is a mascle between two keys fesswise, bits inwards and downwards.
  • Combined with customers who would steer clear of Detroit brands because of uncertainty surrounding maintenance warranties, a messy bankruptcy could have have kicked off a vicious downward spiral that could have ended in liquidation and enormous job losses. Wonk Room » If We Had Let GM Go Bankrupt Last November, We Could Have Lost Another Million Jobs
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