1. shaped like a ring
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How To Use doughnut-shaped In A Sentence

  • The little dark-brown, doughnut-shaped fritters tasted a whole lot like Indian pakoras, and indeed came with a dish of raita for dipping.
  • Currently the most developed plasma configuration is produced in the doughnut-shaped tokamak.
  • Oil-clothes, heavy under-clothing, hip boots of red rubber, white, doughnut-shaped woolen "nippers" for pulling trawls, and various other articles for convenience and comfort were added to their outfits. Jim Spurling, Fisherman or Making Good
  • Nuclear fusion entails forcing together the nuclei of light atomic elements in a super-heated plasma, held in a doughnut-shaped chamber called a tokamak, so that they make heavier elements and in so doing release energy. - latest science and technology news stories
  • Many garden centers sell commercially made, doughnut-shaped mosquito dunks or granulated products containing this fast-acting biological larvacide.
  • The betatron consists of a doughnut-shaped evacuated chamber placed between the poles of an electromagnet.
  • Your prostate is a small doughnut-shaped gland with the urethra, which carries urine from the bladder, running through the middle of it.
  • Furthermore, a doughnut-shaped bubble is formed to eject ink in the printhead, thereby preventing a back flow of ink as well as formation of satellite droplets that may degrade image resolution.
  • A tokamak is a doughnut-shaped vessel in which researchers use powerful magnet fields to squeeze and heat a plasma of hydrogen isotopes until the nuclei fuse together forming helium and releasing large amounts of heat. News
  • Surrounding the pulsar is a bright doughnut-shaped, or toroidal, structure, with jet-like features extending in a perpendicular direction away from the torus.
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