How To Use Double star In A Sentence

  • He is a double star, his companion being seven and himself thirteen times massier than the sun; but they are fifty times brighter, and a million times further off, that is to say, one hundred billion miles away. A Trip to Venus
  • Recently, double star development goes shoe of basketball of Great Wall of double star celebrity.
  • Yet rather surprisingly, most of the double stars are physically-associated or binary systems.
  • He began to observe binaries - double stars, whose brightness alters considerably when one eclipses the other - when he was 14. Times, Sunday Times
  • And many are the unsuspected double stars, and frequent are the parasite weeds, which the philosopher detects in the received opinions of men: -- so strong is the tendency of the imagination to identify what it has long consociated. Literary Remains, Volume 1
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  • For the first time, four spacecraft flying in constellation the ESA Cluster mission, have provided unambiguous evidence of anti-parallel reconnection at high latitude on the dayside magnetopause, occurring quasi-simultaneously with a period of low-latitude component reconnection detected by the Sino-European Double Star TC-1 satellite. Cluster Satellite Detects Rifts in Earth's Magnetic Field | Universe Today
  • This gets lots of oohs and aahs, since most people have never seen, or rather never noticed, a double star before.
  • A binary system of two red dwarfs named Struve 2398 from a catalogue of double stars published in 1827. Another Nice Resources for Interstellar Worldbuilding
  • Double star long chain pendant 925 silver necklace n125 SciFi, Fantasy & Horror Collectibles - Part 6119
  • A third type of double stars involves a pair of stars revolving about their common center of mass in an orbit whose plane passes through or very near the Earth.
  • The work on double stars had been undertaken as a continuation of his father's work which attempted to measure the parallax of a star.
  • Double Star by admin on Mar. 25, 2009, under Uncategorized double star? one of the seven stars in the big dipper is actually a double star, that is two stars that are very close together. can u tell which stars they are? is it possible if u can list some sources? where in the big dipper is it located where is the double star located in the big dipper SciFi, Fantasy & Horror Collectibles - Part 5889
  • The conscientious care and assiduous industry with which Herschel made his measurements of the diameter of the Georgium Sidus (now called Uranus), and his interesting observations of other planets, of double stars with their coloured light, of cometary and nebulous appearances, were truly remarkable; as may be seen by the various papers which he wrote at this time for the Royal Society. The Story of the Herschels
  • Recently, double star development goes shoe of basketball of Great Wall of double star celebrity.
  • A double star cluster in a satellite galaxy of the Milky Way is pictured above.
  • So it is likely that this is actually a double star, a binary which is very close in separation that may be the mechanism that generates the columniation.
  • William discovered over 800 double stars and showed that many of them revolve around each other.

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