How To Use Dorm room In A Sentence

  • PCs Limited was the original brand of IBM clones made by Michael Dell in his Austin dorm room.
  • So you look at the overall campus and you look at lots and lots of rooms: libraries, dorm rooms, classrooms, cubicles and so forth.
  • The college permits students who are 21 or older to consume alcoholic beverages in their dorm rooms.
  • All of these were explainable things," Ricks said of accusations he faced in several locations, including spending late nights with students in a dorm room in Atlanta, inappropriate contact with students in Hampton Roads, allegations of unethical behavior in Caroline County and stalking boys while a teacher in Manassas. Ex-Va. teacher Ricks pleads guilty to child porn, gets 25 years
  • The District's preppy private school reeled from the news that a freshman dorm room had been converted into a drug laboratory. Georgetown students never take 'hard drugs' (wink, wink), Facebook moms annoy people, and more
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  • The day ended, I retired to my dorm room in boredom, finishing more homework and watching as Bridget fluttered back and forth between her bed and the bathroom.
  • What The Social Network gets right, is that these two spaces are often cohabitated by the same people, especially at prestigious institutions like Harvard; at [substitute reputable school name here], the idiot who fell out of his dorm room window while clutching a bong is the same kid who discovered a plausible explanation to reconcile quantum mechanics and general relativity ... or whatever. Zach Weisberg: Seeking Truth in The Social Network
  • The hostel has undergone a 1.2million refurbishment and now has a mix of ensuite, family and dorm rooms. The Sun
  • Laura (southernxyl): Whit, the only place people can associate is in their dorm room? The Volokh Conspiracy » Sex Education, Dirty Words, and the Due Process Clause
  • This back-to-campus season, USA TODAY talked to Express 'Pam Seidman about making red-carpet entrances from the dorm room to the classroom. Celeb Style: Smart back-to-college looks
  • The hostel has undergone a 1.2million refurbishment and now has a mix of ensuite, family and dorm rooms. The Sun
  • One wanted to move into her daughter's dorm room. Times, Sunday Times
  • She dropped the bag in front of their dorm room, opened the door, and sent the bag inside with a hard kick from her clunky shoes.
  • There were six of us in two cars full of snowboards, skis, cameras, and bags, and only one hotel room that was about the size of my college dorm room.
  • Together they continued to heft him towards his dorm room with Taylor carrying his feet and Josh supporting his body at the shoulders.
  • Photocopies of these clever additions are likely already adorning dorm room walls and cubicle separators throughout the land.
  • Jack whirled on Juliet, who quickly leapt inside her dorm room.
  • Unfortunately, if a dorm room is not available during your stay, you have to fork over extra cash for a single room.
  • I loved knowing that the music I was playing and the words I was speaking were in people's homes and cars, in the kitchen at restaurants or on tinny boomboxes in freshman dorm rooms.
  • The frosh living in residence are on a particularly level playing field, thanks to, if you will, their standard issue uniform - the dorm room.
  • What I've gained in these past few years of living in pop's hurricane eye is not a love of songcraft I got that listening to Elvis Costello in my dorm room or a craving for spectacular "muchness Slate Magazine
  • One exception is the metal Harvard frame — common in dorm rooms and bach pads — which requires a bed skirt for obvious reasons. Bye-Bye, Bed Skirts
  • Though Mr. Boudin has rigged his dorm room at Yale University to override the block on collect calls, neither parent was able to connect with him today.
  • I remem­ber being up late one night as I was pack­ing up my dorm room after my junior year in col­lege, when the infomer­cial for Nads came on the TV. And If You Call Now … « Snarkmarket
  • After some pleading in "Hinglish" I managed to negotiate a simple bed in a dorm room with no-one else in the room on the top floor next to the wood-fired water heater. TravelStream™ — Recent Entries at
  • I was carrying my guitar into my dorm room on freshman move-in day at the University of Southern Maine.
  • The two of them were in Paige's dorm room pigging out on junk food watching television.
  • She'd thrown up all over his dorm room and he had to clear it up. The Sun
  • It may have been universally panned by critics, but I predict it has a future as a cult classic shown in dorm rooms everywhere. Archive 2009-01-01
  • After high school she tried college but got thrown out for raising coonhounds in her dorm room.
  • I would hate to have to share my dorm room with someone who either thinks I'm some kind of freak or a lunatic.
  • One evening in the winter of 1970-71, I was sitting in my dorm room in Beirut trying to explain these ideas to an Iranian theology student, Assurbanipal Babilla. Crossing Mandelbaum Gate
  • Casting one last almost venomous glance back over her shoulder at him, she headed back toward her dorm room.
  • We added two students to that dorm room
  • All the way to his dorm room he pestered me about it, and I, quite easily, maintained my silence.
  • The next thing you know you'd be watching a film in a dorm room together. Times, Sunday Times
  • Whit, the only place people can associate is in their dorm room? The Volokh Conspiracy » Sex Education, Dirty Words, and the Due Process Clause
  • Shortly after the three of us set upon his dorm room to dismantle it, a small but sharp twinge of pain registered just under my left kneecap.
  • For today much, perhaps most, of a student's search for information has moved out of the stacks and into dorm rooms and studies, via the Internet.
  • Students can use beanbags as a lightweight seating in a dorm room and are so inexpensive that it doesn't matter if they spilt a mess on them, as they are relatively easy to clean.
  • Not in the dorm rooms, though, please. Times, Sunday Times
  • Before long, he's hosting pot and LSD-fueled debauches in his dorm room. Marshall Fine: HuffPost Review: Mr. Nice
  • Instead, I was stuck in my little dorm room, answering the phone every time it rang in case it was Clay.
  • Mini-refrigerators and microwaves in dorm rooms are as essential as laptops. Food and Drink
  • It doesn't seem that dark to me, for a dorm room lit with table lamps in the middle of the night. Times, Sunday Times
  • It's telling that the most talked-about businessman in the world right now isn't Warren Buffett or Bill Gates—it's Mark Zuckerberg, a 26-year-old, scruffily dressed Jewish kid who started a cultural revolution in his dorm room and inspired a movie that just may win the Oscar for best picture. Two Cheers for the Maligned Slacker Dude
  • The mess in his dorm room reflects on the student
  • There were more than 20 people packed inside of her dorm room.
  • Ducking down to avoid the yellow tape, she crossed the corridor towards her dorm room.
  • They dragged the cart along the sidewalk, up two flights of stairs, across the hallway and into our dorm room.
  • They have these tiny dorm rooms. Times, Sunday Times
  • An homage to the three-for-$1 instant noodle that was the cornerstone of his college diet, the label operated out of Janick’s dorm room in Gainesville. Fortune’s Fool
  • Apache web server was not specifically mentioned in the bake-off, but in my experience is extremely popular for caching services because the same server that can serve your web pages from your dorm room can also speed up your web surfing.
  • Jess pulled him out of the dorm room and into the harsh fluorescent lighting of the hallway.
  • We went back home and I crashed out in my dorm room.

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