How To Use Dopy In A Sentence

  • That has been largely dispelled by Karl Giberson's book "Saving Darwin: How to be a Christian and Believe in Evolution" 2008, HaperCollins, where he traces out a clear history of American Fundamentalism and its dopy offspring -- creationism. Matt J. Rossano: Creationism: That (Not So) Old Time Religion
  • I fix up all of the extras, get the plates around, and do all of the other incidentals: in return, when I do something particularly dopy, like comment on a romantic moment with a Beavis chuckle of Heh heh heh, I'm gonna score. Do it right (Jack Bog's Blog)
  • Well, he got worse and worse, and sometimes when I went there he didn't know me, being out of his head or kind of dopy with the doctor's stuff, the shadow being over him, as Irish people say. Love, the Fiddler
  • In a 2010 tour of the White House, my former favorite Beatle, Liverpool High grad Paul McCartney, would capture the pop zeitgeist perfectly both in terms of content and dopy condescension. Deconstructing Obama
  • Chloral, veronal, etc., only made him "dopy," irritable and depressed, but did not give him one hour of sound sleep. Woman Her Sex and Love Life
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  • There had already been half a dozen casualties -- no deaths but bites and slashings, almost all from the little carnivores contemptuously known as dopy joes. Tunnel In The Sky
  • The next time your elected officials propose something this dopy (and my head nearly went explodey when I saw it weekend before last), ask "Why? Be civic-minded -- get naked (Jack Bog's Blog)
  • This is as much "emotional" portrayal of these characters as we get; the rest of the story continues to wring equally asinine changes on an already dopy idea. Experimental Fiction

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