How To Use Dolled up In A Sentence

  • The dining room was dolled up like a palace and they served an eighty course meal.
  • The book casts a flirtatious eye towards sapphic chic and the aesthetic imperative to get dolled up.
  • She's the kind of girl that will always be beautiful whether dolled up in a dress or wearing a paper bag.
  • The director dolled up the report to make it sound more impressive.
  • The first thing I noticed when I went out there to interview was how dolled up she was, what with wearing a suit made out of some kind of fuzzy fabric that looked like it came off a stuffed animal, blue eye shadow to match, false eyelashes, manicured nails painted a bright bubble gum pink. The Majesties
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  • The group was spawned eight years ago when a bunch of friends got dolled up for a concert, and discovered a set of harmoniously blended vocal cords.
  • She worked the jaunty side of chic in snappy sweaters over those shorts and swimsuits, smart sundresses and camp shirts dolled up in silk and wrapped at the waist.
  • The director dolled up the report to make it sound more impressive.
  • Obviously the purse is a bit heavy on the butterfly and rose for me, not exactly going to get all dolled up in my goth loli with my black lace bonnet, high skirt with tonnes of lace and crinoline which is what I think this purse was meant to go with. I pursue taboo love, reasons to wear corsets and girls with knives
  • Has a Corpse Bride atmosphere to it, with a sickly woman all dolled up and petting her cat. The Top 100 Speculative Fiction Magazine Covers, #50-#41
  • I get dressed, get all dolled up in my black shirt and blue jeans.
  • The greatest thing about this picture, adapted from a novel by "William Irish" (a pen name for Cornell Woolrich) is its completely invented reality which, while certainly informed by German Expressionism, spins off into a realm of horrific hilarity, as in the picture's legendary "jazz drummer" sequence, wherein Raines, dolled up and playing hep-kitten, eggs on hopped-up Elisha Cook Jr. (who has information that could exonerate Raines 'boss) to a kind of percussive orgasm. In The Company Of Glenn
  • Get on your fanciest dress and get all dolled up!
  • The performances (dolled up with all manner of flouncy costumes and props) are at least slightly theatrical, but the history lesson remains dull and awkward throughout.
  • She was dolled up for the occasion.
  • All About Eve and The Man Who Came To Dinner return to the big screen at the Egyptian Theater, and for those looking to get all dolled up for a cause, feel free to head to the second annual For The Love of Hollywood Gala in Hollywood. The Agenda: Free Fatburger, 'Wormholes' At MOCA, A Double Features, And A Gala
  • Do any of us really feel in the mood for getting dolled up and munching our way through a three-course meal at the moment?
  • We have 11 spanking new entries this week, and we've got 'em all dolled up and powdered for your enjoyment.
  • Rosemary get all dolled up for the party tonight.
  • And perhaps most painfully, it robs the students of Arizona, all of them, of the possibility of loving the real America, not the dolled up, sanitized and siliconized version we've been raised on. The Full Feed from
  • The girls were up before me already getting all dolled up for the big day.
  • Some people get all dolled up and that's fine but I rarely feel like dressing up.
  • Ms. Moellering points to the influence of celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Britney Spears and Miley Cyrus, who are photographed at one end of the spectrum or the other—either dressed way down when trying to dodge the paparazzi, or all dolled up for the red carpet. Why Not Wear Pajamas All Day?
  • And she'd be dolled up for it, too, her dyed red hair shellacked into an indestructible coif, resplendent in a velour maxi lounging gown and jewel-encrusted slippers.

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