How To Use Dogwatch In A Sentence

  • In addition to the night watches there were the so-called dogwatches with a man in the tower and, in case of fog or a snowstorm, there was daytime beach patrol.
  • He was scheduled on the dogwatch, 11 P. M. till 7 A. M., and reported with a full half-hour to spare, as required. FAMILY BLESSINGS
  • The dogwatches last only two hours each so the same sailors aren't always on duty at the same time each afternoon.
  • On blockade duty individual captains could alter the watch routine by splitting the period from 4 P.M. to 8 P.M. into two 2-hour watch segments called dogwatches.
  • These dogwatches are really good; I could get used to two hours of work and with that half your day's graft done.
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  • On dogwatches he conferred lengthily with the reporter, back now with the most complete report on wartime England yet made by an American.
  • The forenoon of each day was taken up cleaning and servicing the aircraft, but in the afternoon and during the dogwatches different sports contests were arranged.
  • The latter half of the first dog watch found Hornblower next to McMasters, officer of the first dogwatch.

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