How To Use Dogmatism In A Sentence

  • Lambert isn't against atonalism, and admires Berg a great deal, but he's against any sort of dogmatism, and the atonalists had become dogmatic even by then.
  • This is why he claims to be "˜non-dogmatic 'while promoting his own form of dogmatism in conforming to the views of certain ID leaders, and even to those who pre-date the IDM but who use the words" ˜design 'or "˜intelligence' in their vocabulary. The Memory Hole
  • Feminist psychologists are also increasingly concerned to avoid dogmatism and prescription.
  • However, she was not nearly as concerned with religious dogmatism as were her siblings.
  • Our guiding principle should be to leave behind parochial nationalism and dogmatism, and to promote mutually beneficial cooperation based on equality to enjoy prosperity.
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  • This makes it much easier to push a kind of fascist dogmatism onto people who do not make much attempt to question the status quo.
  • While the academy is not free of dogmatists, it nonetheless rejects dogmatism because it represents the end of thinking.
  • At the same time as we criticize dogmatism, we must direct our attention to criticizing revisionism.
  • Most of us locate ourselves at some point along a spectrum, with religious dogmatism at one extreme and ideological secularism at the other.
  • Merrington had received the information with the imperviable dogmatism of the official mind, strong in the belief in its own infallibility, resentful of advice or suggestion as an attempt to weaken its dignity. The Hand in the Dark
  • Indeed, it exemplified an attitude he was later to characterize as amounting to a kind of unacceptable “dogmatismWittgenstein's Logical Atomism
  • On the other hand, the hereditary dogmatism of their Southern kinsmen, is manifested in the summary disposition these make of all vagabond Yankees -- tinkers and peddlers -- found strolling about without any "local habitation," whenever they suspect them of being abolition emmissaries: for they incontinently ride the poor fellows on rails, and ornament their backs with a coat of tar and feathers, and sometimes administer to them hydropathically, giving them a succession of gentle douses in the nearest mill-pond, or oftener perhaps, in the pond attached to the nearest farmer's goosery. Social relations in our Southern States,
  • The irony of the Reformation was that in the name of shoring up the old order, its dogmatism unintentionally gave birth to the living traditions of civil and political liberty. - Telegraph online, Daily Telegraph and Sunday Telegraph
  • For others, it was the beginning of a culture of dependency which intensified over the decades, encouraged by political dogmatism.
  • Dogmatism and empiricism alike are subjectivism, each originating from an opposite pole.
  • Both dogmatism and revisionism run counter to Marxism.
  • We lack the religious dogmatism and discipline of the other religions who are posing a threat to the very fabric of our religion.
  • Leninism defined correct party policy against the ideological enemies of dogmatism, revisionism, and opportunism.
  • Today this scholarship is threatened with dogmatism and, consequently, political irrelevance.
  • You will be hounded and pilloried by the institutional left, ruled as they are by a parochial insularity and dogmatism.
  • Part Three: The Sino - Russia controversy is representative of pinko dogmatism.
  • Even those Hippocratic treatises which inveigh against Presocratic dogmatism are themselves just as dogmatic where their own pet theories are concerned.
  • Another backdrop is the rise of influence of fundamentalist groups and various forms of religious dogmatism.
  • These days, people think less of John Paul's contribution to the ending of the cold war, and more of his dogmatism, narrow-mindedness and sheer wrong-headedness.
  • Consequently the modern mission movement has been partly aresult of the decline of Calvinistic dogmatism.
  • He caulked the chasms with philosophic oakum, he 'payed' them with dialectic pitch, he sheathed them with copper and brass by means of audacious dogmatism and insolent quibbles, until the enemy seemed to have been silenced, and the vessel righted so far as to float. Theological Essays and Other Papers — Volume 2
  • We cannot allow dogmatism to stand in the way of progress.
  • In presenting the main outlines of the orthodox theory, he is refreshingly free of the arrogance and simplistic dogmatism that seems to permeate the subject.
  • But the party realises that pragmatism rather than dogmatism is required if it is to make headway in a deeply divided polity.
  • That is one reason why we have remained opposed to dogmatism toward the theory of Marxism.
  • We cannot allow dogmatism to stand in the way of progress.
  • Superstition, cruelty, religious fanaticism, prejudice and medieval dogmatism were all anathema to a wit like Voltaire.
  • Linguists are increasingly concerned to avoid dogmatism and prescription over what constitutes 'correct' English.
  • Dogmatism is puppyish coming to its full growth.
  • It claims conservatism is rooted in phobias that cause ‘fear and aggression, dogmatism and the intolerance of ambiguity.’
  • The philosophes criticized the ancien regime of religious superstition and dogmatism, hidebound social traditions, and repressive morality.
  • However, science springs ultimately from the human urge to truth, and dogmatism eventually gives way under this impetus.
  • But this totality still has strong oneiric qualities - dogmatism leads only to the hallucinatory domain. The Times Literary Supplement
  • Like Galileo's trial before the Inquisition, this was not an argument about truth but a struggle for power, a sign of the religious dogmatism of the Counter-Reformation.
  • Just over a decade later, Thatcher's crude rightwing dogmatism had given way to a kind of all-pervasive centre-right wishful thinking. Chavs: The Demonization of the Working Class by Owen Jones – review
  • The new hard-line government brought 'normalization': a return to dogmatism, to censorship and oppression, yet now with minimal terror. The Times Literary Supplement
  • Page 67 good people of the town, aware of his pertinacity in this particular, had no mind to make points with him, but, on the contrary, rather corroborated him in his dogmatism by an amiable assentation; so that, it is said, he grew daily more peremptory. Rob of the bowl : a legend of St. Inigoe's,
  • He scoffed at the disparate creeds of religions, each claiming to see the truth through the colored lenses of its own dogmatism.
  • Feminist psychologists are also increasingly concerned to avoid dogmatism and prescription.
  • Their arrogance and dogmatism in pursuit of their political struggle led at one point to a kind of reckless disregard for life.
  • What is holding this research back is not money but dogmatism and narrow-mindedness.
  • We cannot allow dogmatism to stand in the way of progress.
  • Their logomachy was far more stimulating to his intellect than the reserved and quiet dogmatism of Mr. Morse. Chapter 13
  • While religious dogmatism is always a danger, it is less of a problem for us today than the soft-core spirituality that is its opposite.
  • At the same time, there were clear signs that political repression and ideological dogmatism would be hallmarks of communist power.
  • That is one reason why we have remained opposed to dogmatism toward the theory of Marxism.
  • Whereas the scientific enterprise is legitimated by agreed testing procedures, the theological enterprise has been characterized by dogmatism.
  • A while back I criticised dogmatism among atheists as well as an excess of certainty in belief.
  • If Carlyle's criticism curdled into diatribes of denunciation, Comte's calcified into the dogmatism of a cult.
  • I rejoice to concur with the common reader; for by the common sense of readers, uncorrupted by literary prejudices, after all the refinements of subtilty and the dogmatism of learning, must be finally decided all claim to poetical honours. Common. Reader.
  • Dogmatism is puppyish coming to its full growth.
  • There is a note of dogmatism in the book.
  • In this ideological age, the youth movements displayed no small measure of dogmatism and elitism.
  • In Holy Trinity Church Nicholson abounded in anecdotes, vulgarity, rudeness, emotional appeals, a dogmatism so dogmatic as to frighten.
  • Nonetheless, popular songwriters ridiculed what they perceived as the inherent dogmatism and moral arrogance of these traditions.
  • Troth forbid we mistakenly use dogmatism to mean “positiveness in assertion of opinion especially when unwarranted or arrogant” or “a viewpoint or system of ideas based on insufficiently examined premises”. Bukiet on Brooklyn Books
  • Linguists are increasingly concerned to avoid dogmatism and prescription over what constitutes 'correct' English.
  • That is one reason why we have remained opposed to dogmatism toward the theory of Marxism.

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