divided up

  1. distributed in portions (often equal) on the basis of a plan or purpose
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How To Use divided up In A Sentence

  • Strong points or burghs were constructed; control of coinage established; a navy created, and the kingdom divided up into shires and hundreds.
  • Before reaching that organ they divided up into minute channels, the _rete mirabile_ (πλεγμα μεγιστον θαυμα {plegma megiston thauma}), and passing into the brain became converted by the action of that organ into a yet higher type of spirits, the _animal spirits_ (πνευμα ψυχικον The Legacy of Greece Essays By: Gilbert Murray, W. R. Inge, J. Burnet, Sir T. L. Heath, D'arcy W. Thompson, Charles Singer, R. W. Livingston, A. Toynbee, A. E. Zimmern, Percy Gardner, Sir Reginald Blomfield
  • Personnel were divided up into the tasks of ceremonial coffin bearers, street liners, ushers for the chapel, car door openers, gun carriage crew and general working hands.
  • The fact that the world was already divided up meant that any change in the balance of economic and military power between the European states led to a struggle to redivide the world.
  • The Parish is being divided up and portions are being allocated to Salthill, St. Joseph's and the Claddagh Parishes.
  • A lender can decide to funnel their money into just one company, but it is less risky for their cash to be divided up between various borrowers. Times, Sunday Times
  • The book is divided up into eight main sections consisting of a number of chapters which introduce a particular multivariate technique.
  • The internationally recognized abbreviation of the meter is m. Meters are divided up into smaller units so a decimeter is one tenth of a meter, a centimeter is one hundredth of a meter, and a millimeter is one thousandth of a meter.
  • The country is divided up into nine regions.
  • The Ottoman empire was collapsing, and lands taken from them would be divided up among the victorious powers.
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