1. lose clarity or turn aside especially from the main subject of attention or course of argument in writing, thinking, or speaking
    Don't digress when you give a lecture
    her mind wanders
    She always digresses when telling a story
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How To Use divagate In A Sentence

  • The narrative, prompted by AP's inauguration of another website, and intended as a teasing commentary on this and 'the new creation' theology, as well as non-trinitarian alternatives to Christian orthodoxy and other developments on the (OST) site, might seem to have divagated itself into a non sequitur. open source theology - Comments
  • It is true that they were steps that lingered, divagated, and mounted with the deliberation natural to one past sixty whose arms, moreover, are full of leaves and blossoms; but they came on steadily, and soon a tap of laurel boughs against the door arrested Katharine’s pencil as it touched the page. Night and Day, by Virginia Woolf
  • And it is my duty to caution you that the estate won't stand it -- to call that an estate, "he divagated, with a kind of despairing sniff," which is already, by the extravagances of your ancestors, shrunken to scarcely more than three acres and a cow. The Lady Paramount
  • The article divagates from the second paragraph.
  • Datta divagates into revolutionary illusions, Indian ‘leftist’ illusions, and its infantile bid for power with violence tactically kept sheatheed.
  • Sometimes, indeed, it has been shy of it, and has divagated from it in wide circles; but, as soon as it becomes profound and humble again, it always returns. The Trial and Death of Jesus Christ A Devotional History of our Lord's Passion
  • He passed on to ulsters and raincoats, divagated into the colorful realm of neckwear, debated scarf-pins and cuff-links, visualized patterned shirtings, and emerged to dream of composite sartorial grandeurs which, duly synthesized into a long list of hopeful entries, were duly filed away within the pages of 3 T 9901, the pocket ledger. Success A Novel
  • It would be of interest to divagate from literature to politics and inquire to what extent Romanticism is incorporate in Imperialism; to inquire to what extent Romanticism has possessed the imagination of Imperialists, and to what extent it was made use of by Disraeli. Imperfect Critics
  • 'But I divagate (I perceive in a thousand ways that I grow old). Merry Men
  • So does a child's balloon divagate upon the currents of the air, and touch and slide off again from every obstacle. A Book of English Prose Part II, Arranged for Secondary and High Schools
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