[ UK /dɪstˈɪŋkt/ ]
[ US /dɪˈstɪŋkt/ ]
  1. (often followed by `from') not alike; different in nature or quality
    management had interests quite distinct from those of their employees
    gold is distinct from iron
    plants of several distinct types
    the word `nationalism' is used in at least two distinct senses
    a tree related to but quite distinct from the European beech
  2. constituting a separate entity or part
    on two distinct occasions
    a government with three discrete divisions
  3. recognizable; marked
    noticed a distinct improvement
    at a distinct (or decided) disadvantage
  4. clearly or sharply defined to the mind
    Claudius was the first to invade Britain with distinct...intentions of conquest
    trenchant distinctions between right and wrong
    clear-cut evidence of tampering
  5. easy to perceive; especially clearly outlined
    a distinct outline
    distinct fingerprints
    a distinct odor of turpentine
    the ship appeared as a distinct silhouette
    a distinct flavor
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How To Use distinct In A Sentence

  • It was a simple rectangle of crudely mounded basalt rocks, a distinctive arrangement reminiscent of the way Samoans and other Polynesians marked their dead in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.
  • Her majesty awarded a distinction upon 〔 to 〕 the retiring Prime Minister.
  • This is a movie with a distinct and startling cinematic language, but with uncomfortably coercive mannerisms.
  • The burden of his espionage responsibilities gives him a distinct air of desperation.
  • The term "gentilhomme" is so liable to be confounded with "gentleman" that it needs explaining, for, despite the similarity of derivation, no two words can be more distinct. Lippincott's Magazine of Popular Literature and Science Volume 17, No. 097, January, 1876
  • The Romans invented a distinct cornice for the Corinthian order, characterized by large projecting modillions embellished with acanthus leaves.
  • Burbank worked out in his mind and by actual experiments _distinctive methods_ of development -- _development and changes along particular, definite lines. Certain Success
  • We take a sightseeing boat trip around the bay and get a glimpse of the smart new opera house which looks exactly like two durians - a very distinctive local fruit that tastes great but has a repellant smell.
  • Their bodies are not distinctly segmented, but an important feature of their anatomy is the carapace, a folded shell-like structure which covers the animal and opens both ventrally and posteriorly.
  • They have filthy rich players with a distinct air of decadence about them. Times, Sunday Times
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